Sunday, July 16, 2006

But I Don't Want To Get Beaujolaid

Is it me, or is this ad confusing? I stared at it for the longest time, trying to figure it out. Now bear in mind: I don't drink wine. I know, it seems blasphemous. I just never acquired a taste for it. I'm very jealous of those of you who enjoy it, because you enjoy it so much.

Anyway, since I never drink wine, I have no idea what's usual and what's unusual in that world. Still, when I saw this ad suggesting Beaujolais and Olive Oil for summer, I had to stop.

Hmmmm... I've heard of people drinking olive oil for health, and I use it in everything, though not for drinking.

And I've lived to see a lot of foods I never could have imagined. I have enjoyed fried ice cream and garlic ice cream, I've tried vodka-and-Red-Bull, vodka-and-borscht, and vodka-and-Arnold-Palmer. I've passed on fried crickets and chocolate ants, I love the once-unthinkable sushi and decline the still-unthinkable steak tartare.

Could they be mixing beaujolais and olive oil? Maybe... but... for summer? I was thinking about this as I went outside, and in the 100-degree heat it actually nauseated me a little. I decided it would be a terrible hot-weather drink, I don't care how crazy you are.

So I went to the website, and as near as I can figure, I think they just grow these two things in the same place and decided to share an ad. But... I really think they need to take our hand and lead us to the synergy, don't you? I mean, say, Michigan has large industries in automobiles and deer hunting, but an ad that said, "Fast cars and dead deer" wouldn't get the job done. You've got to guide the reader a little.

I ask Howard, or our other copywriters out there, but wouldn't it have been better to say something about a warm evening, good friends, dining al fresco, dipping flatbread in olive oil and drinking chilled beaujolais? Paint a brutha a picture or something, you know?

And by the way, if anyone out there would like to send me some wine that's perfect for someone just starting out, I'm willing to learn. Perhaps I've just never had the good stuff. Just, please, no olive oil in it.


howard said...

No, you're right. It's a confusing mess. Although I do like the blonde's dark dark roots. Hotcha.

And the art direction makes it look more like a CD cover than an advertisement. Which makes sense, now that I look at the website, because they're giving away a "Licensed to Chill" CD. I want it!!!

Like many ads, it's decipherable only by the four people who created and greenlighted it. It's an in-joke, as Ron Osborn used to say, whose secret will be safe with them.

The notion of promoting two dissimilar liquids in one trade ad is very silly. I'm not sure such a venture could be improved upon.

Michael Markowitz said...

The only thing I take away from the picture is that the blonde has apparently decided to continue with her chemo.

My other pet peeve about ads is when they decide to create nicknames that don't exist in the real world. Like they think people will actually refer to Southern Comfort as "SoCo." Like any man who did would ever get within ten feet of a vagina.

norm said...

This thing took me someplace else.

On the left side (reading left to right) I see the couple drinking the wine...probably a lot of it.

On the right side I see a silhouette of the (nude?) couple in a hot embrace.
The "get Beaujo-LAID" line amplifies the sexual implication...and from there, it's only a tiny step to imagine what it is they're going to do with the olive oil.

Anonymous said...

You left out the most confusing element, which is the blue silhouetted couple. What exactly are they doing? Does he have a parachute on his back? Is she pulling something out of a wound in his stomach? The only thing that's certain is they're not getting beaujolaid.

Michael Markowitz said...

Either she is reaching into his chest to show him his still-beating heart... like some mash-up of Natasha Henstridge in the Temple of Doom...

...or he is turning from a horse into a butterfly.

gina said...

At first glance I thought it was a condom ad.