Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dannon Activia

Have you seen this commercial? It's fascinating. And not just because of the product name, which may be the least appetizing ever. It sounds like either a diuretic or a paint thinner.

Anyway, in the commercial we meet two women, apparently roommates. One asks the other if she wants to go out. Girl #2 demurs. "I'm bloated," she moans. "Irregular."

Who knew? Apparently, it's possible to give too good a performance in a commercial. This woman's agony is so palpable, I begin to fear she has dengue fever.

As I wrap myself in duct tape and dial the CDC, her roommate suggests it's "probably stress from exams."


If you've seen this commercial, you probably had the same reaction I did:

"Stress from exams?!"

I would think the stress of being two women in their fifteenth year of college would be extraordinary.

(Of course, it's always possible that the exams are not college exams, but AARP early-admit exams.)

In any case, one dose of Dannon paint thinner, and they are ready to go out. And something about girl #1's shrill insistence that they "GO OUT!" (and the fact that she's teased her hair out something wicked) tells me she does not intend to come home tonight. I only hope Dannon makes penicillin.

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