Monday, July 03, 2006

Feliz Fourth of July, Andrea Rincon


howard said...

Andrea's very fidgety, isn't she.
Y'know, I think I saw this disorder last week on House.

Neurological deficits aside, she does seem like a very nice person.

Michael Markowitz said...

If she were on House, at around the half hour mark she would have either vomited blood or anally bled. Yet I love that show.

I like her, too. If that's fidgeting, I hope she never stops fidgeting.

howard said...

I am a total House-head. If I could write on any show right now, it would be House. I would spec it, if I had an agent, but I don't, so I won't.

I have a theory that it's called House because the docs always break and enter their patients' houses to find they've been sprinkling their own cheese omelettes with salt laced with heavy metal.

House rocks the house.

Michael Markowitz said...

Not since A Few Good Men and The Color Purple apparently directed themselves has there been an oversight like House being nominated but not Hugh Laurie.

Though you're right, I have never understood why they ALWAYS have to break in. I mean, most people would be like, "My daughter is dying! Check under my bathroom sink to your heart's content!"

Unfortunately, the lead-and-salt omelette is never the problem. Even the kid who had RATS nibbling at his fingers while he slept had something else wrong!

Meanwhile I could come in with a rebar through my head and my ex-doctor would shrug and go, "Beats me..."