Friday, July 14, 2006

From Conan Last Night

"In a recent interview, Paris Hilton said she's been playing the violin for years. Yeah, Paris said, 'I've always felt comfortable with wood resting against my chin.'"


Scribe LA said...

Good to know Conan can still hit things out of the park if he wants.

Michael Markowitz said...

The previous night he was doing "Celebrities fill out questionnaires"... One of the best was (I'll paraphrase the first two because they're not the important ones, of course):

"I like to finish my dates with..."

Matthew Perry said, "a nightcap."
George Clooney said, "a goodnight kiss."

Paris Hilton said, "my hand."

Scribe LA said...

Tee hee.

gina said...

Badumpbump, tssh!

Michael Markowitz said...

gina I didn't know you played!