Thursday, July 13, 2006

If Anyone Who Works at iTunes is Reading This...

...I love iTunes. I use it every day. But one thing about it makes me want to kill myself and everyone I know.

When I subscribe to a podcast, I do NOT want to be thrown into the podcast window to see it downloading. What am I supposed to do? Sit there like some Crank Yankers puppet and clap and go "Yayyyyyy"?

I would like to continue to subscribe to podcasts. But to do so I have to keep clicking back to the Music Store like an idiot.

Please fix this. Thank you for your cooperation.

Next up: The makers of the Burnout games please make it optional to have to sit through trophy ceremonies and car presentations, and the makers of Halo please stop making the punch in the face more deadly than grenades, guns, or bazookas.

1 comment:

JMR said...

AMEN! I subscribe to 20 podcasts and this particular annoyance has driven me to drink copious amounts of pinot grigio.