Friday, July 14, 2006

Important Reminder to Pet Owners

This warning from the ASPCA is about acetaminophen. A family in Syracuse, NY, accidentally dropped a tablet on the floor and didn't realize it. Their cat, Scooter, ate it, and died a slow and painful death.

Please be mindful of your pills, your vitamins, your food, your candy, your plant cuttings, and anything else that might be harmless to you but might be toxic to your pets. Even the leaves you track in from the garden might be poisonous.

One of my cats, who is too smart for her own good, once managed to open a childproof bottle of Tylenol with her teeth. Thank goodness she didn't eat any of the pills, but if you think your cats are less curious than your kids you're mistaken. Believe me, I now keep the Tylenol where she can't get to it. It takes so little effort to make a safe environment for your animal pals, but it can save so much heartache.

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