Monday, July 17, 2006

Once Again, Why TV Is Losing Viewers

So 24 had a great season, right? And my parents were busy for one reason or another, and missed it. So when Fox ran those ads about how this summer was going to be your chance to catch it all, and don't miss one breathtaking moment, and see what stopped our hearts and all that, I told them to be sure to watch every Friday, two hours. And they did.

They really enjoyed it, and I watched it again, to experience it through their eyes. I really enjoyed talking to them on Saturdays about the show. It was actually a microcosm of what network TV used to be: a tiny little watercooler, all our own.

Then, last week, came "1:oo - 2:00." Then, stay tuned, here are scenes from the next episode of 24. And they showed clips from "2:00 - 3:00" (obviously).

Then came, "Previously on 24..."

And they had skipped two episodes!

This episode, I realized was "4:00 - 5:00." I called my parents, who were actually a half hour ahead of me and totally confused, and told them to stop watching. I sent them tapes of the shows they missed so they could catch up for next week.

Only next week -- this past week -- Fox had skipped, like, eleven hours!! How could they possibly think anyone could enjoy that?

What will they have next week? A special movie presentation of six nonconsecutive minutes from the end of The Empire Strikes Back followed by the middle forty minutes of Star Wars followed by random clips from The O.C.?

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gina said...

Mike, I had the exact experience.