Thursday, August 03, 2006

Barney the Dog: My New Hero

The Wookey Hole Caves Children's Museum (yeah, you read that right) near Wells, England suffered the Children's Museum version of a tragedy when its guard dog, Barney, chewed up over a hundred rare teddy bears he had been left to guard. The bears were valued at over $900,000. (And, for good measure, he drooled all over the rest.)

To paraphrase Albert Brooks, there was wayyyy too much information in that paragraph.

There is a "Wookey Hole Caves" Children's Museum? There existed in England over a million dollars worth of teddy bears? And they left a dog to guard it??!

Yo, Blair!

I love dogs, and like most sentient humans, I have seen what happens when dog meets stuffed animal. So why would they leave Barney to guard the teddy bear collection? Does this museum also have a ball-of-string wing guarded by cats?

So, thank you, Barney, for doing your part to save humans from their own foolishness with a harsh lesson. Sometimes it takes some tough love for people to learn from their mistakes. Meanwhile, for a dog usually forced to sit in a dark museum, I'll bet for one night you had one hell of a good time.

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Paul Israelson said...

"ball-of-string wing guarded by cats?"

LOL! That's great!