Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tech Gender Gap a Myth, Says Survey

According to a study by the Oxygen Network, women are just as likely to lust after tech as men. Given a choice between a plasma TV and a diamond necklace, 75% of women made the eminently reasonable choice of a bigscreen. (Besides, in only very rare cases does the mining of plasma TV's cost enslaved children their limbs.)

And 86% of those surveyed endeared themselves to me by choosing a camcorder over a new pair of shoes. You go, girls.

According to the survey, which proves there's hope for humanity after all, women own, on average, 6.6 gadgets each, compared to men's 6.9. (I, of course, skew that curve with my 473 gadgets. Oh wait... UPS is at the door. 474.)


Ellen said...

That's me to a tee!
My husband emailed that study to me a few days ago, too. He'll lovingly say, "You're such a geek!", when I go ga-ga over gadgety things. H is also encouraging me to get a ham license (he's had one for decades), more for emergency purposes than anything, but I am going to try. UPS just brought me a nice pair of binoculars so I can survey the night-sky. Manolo Blahniks?
Diamonds are a girl's best friend?
I think not. Plunk me down at the Apple Store and I'm a happy girl.

This Girl said...

Plunk me down at the Apple Store and I'm a happy girl.

Amen! My husband was picking at me because I was just excited about WWDC as he was and it's taken us a little while to get me there. I was never one for shopping, baubles. I like books and office supplies. Now, I love technology more.... errr, as much.