Friday, September 15, 2006

Here's How Little I Know About Fashion

While watching this week's Project Runway, all I could think was how I couldn't imagine any sane person wanting to wear Jeffrey's outfit, whereas I thought Kayne's outfit (except for the ribbon) was very sexy. Michael's, of course, was the best of all, IMHO.

Meanwhile, I must not know anything about fashion, because when I think "youthful" the very last thing I think of is fashioning a doily into a baby doll nightie. That seems like something someone's great grandmother would do to be "naughty." (Here's a clue: if Laura had to evoke the name "Josephine Baker" to describe the look, it may not be very "young.")


peeky said...

Well, at least a Josephine Baker reference is a little more contemporary than Angela's faux-"Edwardian" vampire collar with casket lining.

Michael Markowitz said...

True, but Angela's dress was eerily similar to Laura's monstrosity from the week before... and since Angela hadn't seen that, I wonder if it gave Laura pause. Nah, she's too self-delusional.

By the way, I predict that this week Laura's stomach will be the size of a beachball, and next week her water will break.