Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm Not Getting a Good Feeling About The Class

Okay, I have to confess that when I heard the premise for the new CBS sitcom The Class, I was very skeptical. I mean, people bound by the fact that they went to third grade together? Only on television do people remember more than one person they went to third grade with, much less hang out with them. (Just like only on television do people order coffee with cream and sugar in it.)

But fair is fair, so I watched the promo for it when it aired. The promo had scenes from the pilot, and I was shocked that there was not one joke. Oh, the audience was laughing, but at what I couldn't figure out. People said things where the jokes would go, then they made funny faces, but I'll be damned if they were jokes.

I guess the network felt the same way, because they yanked that promo pronto, and replaced it with one showing the cast on a playground in front of a blue sky. They're still making faces, but they're not saying anything, so there's no way to judge if the show's funny or not. Not a good sign.

But I wanted to be fair. At the end of the promo, the announcer says if we'd like to learn more about The Class, to go to So I went... and the site has nothing to do with CBS. As Rob Corddry would say, "Come on!"

I think I've put in more than my share of the effort. And yet, I've lost interest in this show before it's even aired.


howard said...

The new promo for The Class always reminded me of a Claritin spot. Now Nissan is doing a brilliant spoof of the current trend in pharmaceutical advertising, with the same Disneyland color saturation. It ends with "ask your Nissan dealer if (model name) is right for you!" Funny!

Recently, I picked up a DVD of an old TV comedy show called "Love That Bob," starring Robert Cummings. This show was done over FIFTY years ago... and it was way funnier and more mature than most of the new stuff I'm seeing.

Sydelle Pearl said...

Wait. Are you saying there is no "more" about that show at It was just a hoax to get you to go to their sponsor's website? I need to know as soon as possible for hating purposes.

peeky said...

People were laughing but there were no jokes? Maybe it was Dane Cook.

Michael Markowitz said...

Howard, I've ALWAYS loved "Love That Bob"... Bob Cummings persona was so easygoing. I'm sorry he's not better-remembered.

Peeky, hilarious.

Sydelle, it actually looks more like they just started advertising without ever obtaining the domain. Still, commence hating... NOW!

peeky said...

If you watch "Class" you'll notice that there are lots of one liners and canned laffter. It's every bit as fresh and interesting as this observation! And that makes me very mad at it.