Saturday, September 09, 2006

Project Runway Questions

I think there might have been a fundamental flaw in the "jetset" competition. Sure, Michael looked fantastic in his outfit... but could that be because Michael is an incredibly handsome guy? Can you imagine, say, Vincent or Jeffrey or Kayne in those fringed pants? They'd look ridiculous.

By the same token, everyone made fun of Vincent's travel outfit, but wouldn't Michael have looked great in that? I'll bet even the tailoring would have looked better with Michael's confident stride instead of Vincent's schlumpy one. Michael could even have made that ludicrous thing Jeffrey designed look good. Jeffrey looked like a nerd showing up for the Halloween dance. I can't believe anyone could like that.

Also, what kind of alien spawn is Laura growing?? The last two episodes have seen her midsection balloon like, well, a balloon.

According to Tim Gunn's podcast, the reason her family didn't know she was pregnant was because she went to the doctor the day before the Kors luncheon. Then, at the luncheon, she surprises her mother with the news that she's pregnant. She gets back from the luncheon, and she's got a bump. Then she gets on a plane, and by the time it lands, her belly is hanging over her belt!! WTF??

Even more astonishing, somehow she still has a no-boob-chest-baring dress that fits! Who knew the Debra Messing Collection had a maternity line?

Then, on the boat in Paris, Laura says she designed that Morticia gown with sleeves because she's "always cold." Well, no shit, Sherlockina! I'm no scientist, but maybe you're always cold because your arms and ribcage are always naked!!

As for Jeffrey, someone needs to hit him. Hard.

And I repeat what I always say: I want Tim Gunn to be my life coach. He's the best.


Kristin said...

Michael could wear a gunnysack, or preferably nothing, and win the jetset award. I just am so thankful Ms. Linen 'N Things was eviscerated. When someone gets a diagnosis for Vincent, please let us all know.

Ellen said...

Did anyone see Vincent's exit interview on the Bravo website?
He seemed completely normal.

And yes, Jeffrey's gotta go!!!

peeky said...

Vincent's clumsy attempt at schmoozy ass kissing clearly nauseated designer Catherine Malandrino, but at least it was excruciating for the audience.

Michael Markowitz said...

Yes, Vincent could be normal or he could be koo-koo... and his ass-kissery was nauseating... and in his podcasts, Tim Gunn is hilariously open in his loathing of Vincent (or as close to loathing as that courtly gent gets)

BUT... I still maintain that anyone getting on a nineteen-hour flight, male or female, would be wise to choose Vincent's outfit.

And Jeffrey's got to go... off a cliff.