Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Burger Time

Lifehacker has a link to an eHow article on "How to Grill a Perfect Burger" as well as interesting recipes and suggestions from Lifehacker's readers.

Of course, everyone has his or her own special method and tricks... and since I love to grill burgers, why should I be any different? Remember, as always, this is all my opinion, and is worth exactly what you're paying for it.

I would agree with the article that you should never press down on the burger and squeeze the juices out. In fact, my trick is to put an ice cube on top of each patty... it may be superstition, but a little but more moisture can't hurt.

And everyone feels differently, but I say only flip once. YMMV.

I also either inject the condiment into the burger halfway through the cooking, or put it on the topside after I flip it. Either way, the ketchup or barbecue sauce seeps into the juices and becomes part of the flavor of the burger, instead of a cold, separate item. (However, I firmly believe God meant for buns to be served at room temperature)

And lately I've been shaking things up by using hoisin sauce instead of ketchup. It's fantastic!

I love reading mouth-watering barbecue ideas, so if anyone has any, please chime in.

And at the risk of starting a flame war: With all the attention that In N Out Burger has gotten in the tabloids lately, it only reminds me that In N Out is great, but they're just my second favorite fast food burger.

I gotta admit, I'm a Wendy's man. Wendy's burgers, IMHO, are thicker, juicier, but without being as greasy and goopy as In N Out. But I understand if I'm in the minority.

One more thing, though it's not burger-related. Can someone please explain Quizno's to me? I've tried it four times, and each time I've been served something more vomitatious than the time before. The brisket sandwich I had recently looked nothing like the mouthwatering delicacy in the commercials. It actually looked like someone had eaten the sandwich and then spat the boluses onto the bread. (And then put it under a lamp.)

If anyone knows something at Quizno's that's better than, say, Togo's please let me know, because I'd love to know why the Q is so popular.


nessahead said...

Quizno's is completely inexplicable.

topcad said...

boluses? genius. I have learned a new word today.

Michael Markowitz said...

Hey, we put the info in infotainment