Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here's How Naive I Am

I just saw a report from yesterday's Today Show about the bacteria found when a microbiologist swabbed the lipstick and eyeliner samples at a department store cosmetics counter. Needless to say, they were crawling with disgusting germs.

I watched this with my mouth open, my glass of juice nearly falling from my hands.

Are you telling me that women walk into a department store, pick up a
used lipstick, and put it on their lips? In their mouths?? Or that they put on eye makeup that's been God-knows-where?

You gotta be kidding me.

How could this have been going on all this time and I had no idea? I used to work in the frangrance and cosmetics industry, and we made individual samples. I assumed cosmetics counters gave those out. Because no sane person would apply municipal lipstick!

I wouldn't borrow someone's ChapStick, or even their Visine. I wouldn't use
antiperspirant someone else had used.

My world has been rocked. I'm begging you, ladies, explain the thinking to me. You daintily line your toilet seats with paper, and then go smear
something you found in a store on your mouth and in your eyes???

Until this moment, I thought there was nothing wrong with a woman being elected President. But now...

Please, tell me I misunderstood. Restore my faith.


nessahead said...

In Sephora, they offer up tons of disposable makeup applicators that you're supposed to use once and throw away. Using lipstick as an example, you're supposed to take the lip gloss applicator and carve out a little chunk of lipstick and smush it on your lips that way.

I can't imagine every person that walks in there does that, though.

Personally, I use the little applicators to test colors on my hand. And then I scrub with soap and hot water after leaving the store. Not surprised to hear the results of that report.

Neil said...

Reminds me of a story my mother tells about when she was in high school. She always carried a spare comb in case somebody asked to borrow hers. One day a girl asked to borrow her comb, and she handed her the spare and said "OK, here's my borrowing comb." The other girl was furious. "You expect me to use a BORROWING comb that other people have used?!"

Sydelle Pearl said...


Michael Markowitz said...

That is hilarious!

Michael Markowitz said...

nessahead, that at least is somewhat more civilized... and I would expect no less from Sephora, despite their association with the bangin' Jonathan Antin.

Still, if I even suspected I was sticking that applicator in lipstick someone else had used, I would require an immediate and endless Silkwood shower.

But then again, don't go by me, since I have OCD. So the whole idea makes my skin crawl. Like Star Jones.