Friday, October 06, 2006

I Get Lucky Thanks to Buzz Out Loud... Twice!

So I'm listening to one of my favorite podcasts, CNET's Buzz Out Loud, starring Molly Wood, Veronica Belmont, and some guy who is neither Molly Wood nor Veronica Belmont so he is of no consequence to me.

And they congratulate AT&T on eliminating DSL contract requirements, and making month-to-month service available at the same rate. An unusually cool move for such a huge, Death-Star-like conglomerate.

A visit to AT&T's website later, and I realize that for what I'm paying SBC Yahoo for 3Mbps I could be getting 6Mbps if I had AT&T Yahoo. And SBC is AT&T, no?

I am online-chatting with the service rep, and he says sure, no problem, easy switch, same price, double the speed.

Lucky break #1.

I ask when I can expect to have my hair blown back, and he says I need to buy a new wireless router from them. I describe my setup, which is Fleckman-esque in its complexity, and explain that I'd rather not pull out a single Jenga block I don't have to. No use... Gotta switch the router.

Oh, well... Must have speed...

So in the middle of placing the order, their chat client dumps me out!


I reconnect and now I have a different rep. I start over, and she says the other guy is crazy, I don't have to do a thing, they'll hit the afterburners button from their end. So getting disconnected from the first guy was Lucky Break #2!

Anyway, I share this to remind you it's all too easy to forget about your high-speed service. It's not like cable... You can check around every now and then and make sure you're getting the best deal. (At least until Congress screws it up.)

And to remind you not to trust everything people tell you... which is something I forget all the time, unfortunately.

And I also tell this story to say: Thanks, Molly & Veronica! Come on over any time for fast Internet and margaritas.


Tom said...

Congrats on the lucky breaks. I can't believe they tried to make you buy a router. What a krok! I need to make the heartbreaking decision whether I should end my contract with the superswesome, now that AT&T is so cheap.

The guy who is neither Veronica nor Molly and is therefore of no consequence to you.

Michael Markowitz said...

See? I knew you'd take my affectionate ribbing in the spirit in which it was offered.

Still, I feel bad... so I'll admit that I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Mr. Merritt, and his Real Deal podcast ( and his CNET columns and videos are invaluable for novices and experts alike.

(Okay, Tom, now that I've come clean and buttered you up, will you please say nice things about me to Veronica and Molly???)

If it helps you decide, on my 3Mbps plan I've pretty consistently hit between 2.2 and 2.6. I'll report back here on how well they do on the 6Mbps plan.

Thanks again.