Monday, October 02, 2006


I've been working with Montage screenwriting software for a few months now, but haven't said anything here. I've been rooting so hard for a Mac alternative to Final Draft that I didn't want to mention Montage until it was ready.

Now that Macworld has reviewed version 1.0.2, the cat is out of the bag. Like all of Mariner's products, Montage is good-looking, well-designed, and shows tremendous promise. I would even be willing to put up with the quirks Macworld mentions, for that's how eager I am to get out of Final Draft's monopolistic clutches and into something natively Mac. (It's not like FD is quirk-free.)

But I can't use Montage for work until it exports seamlessly into Final Draft. For better or worse, FD is the industry standard.

However, I'm confident Mariner will get there. Until then, try Montage yourself. It's a great program to learn screenwriting on if you're a Mac user.

And while you're at it, check out Mariner Software's other products: Write is a fantastic alternative to MS Word. And a great screenwriter's tool is Desktop Poet; its intended use is as refrigerator magnet poetry for your computer, but by editing the wordlists I turn my desktop into a drag-and-drop corkboard for virtual index cards.

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