Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway

Project Robbery.


ellenronnie said...

I was waiting to see if you'd post anything about PR. What a gyp!!!

All along I thought it was going to be Michael, but I really didn't like his collection last night.

If the judges thought women everywhere will buy Uli's designs, why didn't she win?

I know the show is edited for maximum entertainment value, but I never liked Jeff's attitude. Yes, you can be "the bad boy", but he just seemed like such a smug jerk a lot of the time.

It was my first time watching PR and it was fun. Gotta go listen to Tim's podcast about last night. I'll miss him most of all.

Michael Markowitz said...

I've been a fan of Michael's all along, but his collection looked like Central Booking after a hooker sweep. Jeffrey's was just one unflattering schmatta after another. And Laura's was that same dress she always does... perfect if you're going to a costume party or to opening night of a dinner theater production of "On the Twentieth Century."

Uli's collection, especially the first half, was fresh and fun and would look great on anyone who bought it. It was a total robbery.

Sydelle Pearl said...

The judges once again seemed to be judging on overall talent and past track record, which is irritating. Just like the last challenge where the 4 remaining designers were supposed to be narrowed down to 3 BASED ON THEIR DESIGNS IN THAT WEEK'S COMPETITION. (I guess in the fashion world, one day you're in and the next, you're also in.)

Michael Markowitz said...

I love that, Sydelle!

Also, if I were the guy who got kicked out for breaking the rules, I'd be irked that someone who broke the rules (by overspending AND by not collecting proper receipts) actually WON! I don't care that he cut back on his collection to compensate. Discipline has to count for something when you're choosing someone to start his own line.

norm said...

I have no idea why I actually wanted Jeffrey to win, but as the final show progressed, I realized he didn't have a chance.
Michael was the fan favorite, Uli's stuff was the best and Laura seemed to impress the judges with her craftsmanship.
The judges even admitted Jeffrey had a couple clunkers in his line, whereas Uli's was great start to finish.

I guess Jeffrey won because he created that blue evening gown they all hated.

ellenronnie said...

Total robbery indeed!!
And....what about the fact that Jeffrey went over budget and sent stuff out to be pleated, etc?
He already has a clothing line, too. Not fair!

Great observation about Michael's stuff. So much mini and micro mini and hot pants? What the....?
Real girls like me can't wear stuff like that.

I'll have to let it go, won't I?

Sydelle Pearl said...

Don't let it go! The fact that some people are already professional designers with their own clothing lines, workers, etc. has always bothered me. I look forward to Calvin Klein winning next year!

Michael Markowitz said...

We'll call that the CK Factor from now on. I watched Top Chef for the first time last night, and while I enjoyed the show (and my mouth watered) I thought the CK Factor was particularly odd. You had sous chefs and pastry chefs and amateur chefs competing against people who've owned their own restaurants for ten years. Again, it's as if Quentin Tarantino entered Project Greenlight. I don't understand.

ellenronnie said...

Speaking of Project Greenlight, I just saw a commercial for the DVD release for "Feast". Guess it never got released theatrically (although I thought I saw something about it being screened in L.A. somewhere).

Did you see the nice interview with Tim Gunn from the Chicago Tribune? I have a link on my blog.

I need a show to look forward to now. Got any ideas?

Kristin said...

I knew Ulli was toast when evil Nina Garcia mentioned that all the women were asking where they could buy Ulli's line. The show this season seemed to reward uniqueness rather than good design, most tellingly demonstrated when Jeffrey won the Couture challenge with his Scottish homage to the Statue of Liberty.

I will miss this show every week until it starts again. I forgot to record Top Chef, it will have to do until PR starts again. Even this sad result can not quash my love for PR.