Saturday, October 21, 2006

"We're Fighting Them Over There So We Don't Fight Them Over Here"

I've just heard another Republican talking head echo the administration's claim that the war in Iraq is making us safer because it's keeping the terrorists busy. That we're safer over here as a result. I have heard this repeated roughly a million times.

Pop quiz: On October 11th, when you heard that a plane had crashed into a building in New York City, was your first thought, "Oh my God, was it terrorists?"

Or was your first thought, "It can't be terrorists, because they're all busy over in Iraq."?

Tell me how much safer we feel over here the next time you're at an airport throwing away your tube of toothpaste. Should thousands of our troops die so we can feel this "safe"?


howard said...

I fear they're fighting US over there as practice for fighting us over HERE.

paul israelson said...

It's working so far.

Michael Markowitz said...

While I'm loathe to respond to a troll, I can't leave that hanging...

Between 1993 and 2000 we weren't attacked and North Korea produced no nukes and enriched no uranium. With Bill Clinton as president, rightly or wrongly, I didn't worry about terrorism.

In the last five years we haven't been attacked... but North Korea (and Iran) have nukes, our armed forces have been decimated, our treasury has been emptied, our civil liberties have been suspended and we live in constant terror thanks to the fear-mongering administration and RNC.

It's not working. And if it were, if we truly were safe, the RNC wouldn't be running an ad filled with mushroom clouds and Osama bin Laden videos and telling us "America is next."

paul israelson said...

When you started posting Keith Olberman regularly, I realized that you've totally jumped the shark. It's time to delete your blog from my list of favorites, so...goodbye & best wishes. I know you won't miss me. I hope to see your name on the credits on TV shows & films because you are truly a gifted writer.

Consider this my final parting shot. I'm not so naive as to expect you to post these comments...

Your response to my "troll" isn't up to your usual standards. Usually you make mincemeat out of me!

RE: Fear-based political campaigns -- You're probably not old enough to remember that the DNC ran fear-based campaigns way back in the 80s trying to defeat Ronald Reagan. Politics is a dirty business & both sides play to win.

RE: Bill Clinton -- If Clinton had been in office on 9/11, would the attacks not occurred? Actually, Clinton was in office during the first WTC bombing...that didn't worry you?

Everything changed on 9/11. Time to grow up.

RE: North Korea nukes -- How did N.Korea (& Iran) acquire the nuclear technology? Did Clinton & Albright really believe Kim wouldn't develop a weapon!

RE: The Treasury -- the Deficit has been reduced this year, proving once again that lowering tax rates actually increases revenue to the Treasury every time it's tried! A nation cannot tax itself into prosperity.

RE: Civil liberties -- I haven't noticed any wiretaps on my phones. Have you? What are you hiding?

Live long & prosper, Michael Markowitz.

Michael Markowitz said...

Well, you gotta admit he makes a good point. I am a gifted writer.