Wednesday, October 11, 2006


There's a commercial -- I still can never remember what it's for -- where a woman pulls into a drive-through dry cleaner. She notices a hunky guy is in the car behind her. She tells the dry cleaner she'd like to pay for his clothes, and asks her to give him her card. Before she can pass her panties back, the announcer cuts in and says something about life requiring bold moves.

Okay, fine. Fun and flirty.

Unfortunately, last night this commercial ran during Law & Order: SVU, immediately after a scene in which a photo of a sexual sadist was shown. This criminal, who kidnapped, raped and tortured women and children, looked to me like the hunky dry cleaner guy. It could have been the same actor for all I know.

Just a reminder that real life requires you be a little less bold.


suZen said...

You're right. It'd be ghastly to find out you just gave your number to an actor. :)

Seriously, it's ideas like this that creep me out so much I'd be a hermit if it weren't for friends and family. Years ago a young woman met a guy at a bar, took a walk with him and got her head savagely bashed in in the parking lot where I worked. I doubt she looked across the bar and remotely suspected he was capable of that (or that he'd just been released from prison). The next day he called other girls he'd met that night and tried to get dates like nothing had happened. There are some frightening people out there.

Boski93 said...

Hey man it's a Ford ad, because Ford is about Bold Moves man!

Hey if you want to give you number to a pyscho. Bam! Ford is the answer because that's a BOLD MOVE.

And if are going to be bound and gagged and stuffed into a trunk of a substandard vehicle before your sold to be a star in snuff film then do it in Ford. Because that's a BOLD MOVE!

Oh yeah!

Cue the crappy Taylor Hicks music to make this ending another BOLD MOVE!