Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bing! How Cool Would It Be If, In an Episode of Day Break, Taye Diggs Met Ned Ryerson?


norm said...

Yeah...but this isn't just "Groundhog Day"
It's "Groundhog Day" with Edge and Attitude and guns and hot chicks getting shot over and over.

It's a completely different animal.

I just hope people bear this in mind when my shows come out.
One is about a starry eyed youth who keeps reliving the day he had to destroy an evil planet sized space station.
Another is about a starry eyed youth who has relive the day he tried to destroy a ring by tossing it in a volcano.
My last idea has been harder to sell.
It's about a guy who keeps reliving the day he slept with a super hot chick who was married to a mob hit man.
He never actually stops sleeping with her.
Instead, he figures as long as he never changes his behavior, he'll never learn his lesson and he can keep sleeping with her day after day without ever having face tomorrow.

kaz said...

Yeah, Ned Ryerson would be great, but I would rather he meet the drunk guys and go get some "flayip-jaicks."

Or maybe Taye Diggs could give his far-less talented older brother a role in the tv show...

Michael Markowitz said...

norm, your idea is a stroke of brilliance. And I've been stroking myself since I read it.

(Of course, I'm reminded of when Homer pitched Apu his idea for a movie about a theme park full of cloned dinosaurs.)

As for the "Groundhog Day" thing I'm not so bothered by that as long as they do something different and interesting with it, which I think they have. I just have a problem, as I've posted elsewhere, with them pretending GD never existed, when it's become jargon for the experience.

Also, as a straight man, I dislike how Taye Diggs makes me feel. I mean, I find him so incredibly, undeniably attractive that I'm wondering if I've been lying to myself all these years. I need him to get off my TV now.

And Kaz: don't drive angry.