Monday, November 20, 2006

The Election is Over and Gas Prices are Going Up Again

Anyone surprised? Anyone? Bueller?


norm said...

Not in the prices going up.
The only thing that surprises me is I hear very little outrage.
It's just met with silence, or at most, sad, tired resignation.

Michael Markowitz said...

There never seems to be any outrage. Or even any memory.

Scribe LA said...

Let's see... the price of gas goes up when the the price per barrel goes up, but when the price per barrel goes down, the price of gas still goes up. Hmmm. Could the government be lying to us as to how oil companies decide how much to overcharge us for gas?
You're right on, as usual, Michael:-)

Michael Markowitz said...

Thanks, Scribe!!

I wish it weren't so. When you watch the four gas stations on four corners all raise their prices at the same time the same amount, it's hard to believe it's a legitimate S&D market reaction. (Of course, the only logical explanation for simultaneous price hikes would be collusion, but we KNOW that can't be happening.)

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