Monday, November 20, 2006

The "Liberal Media" Strikes Again

Keith Olbermann asked, quite reasonably, why the majority leader race between Jack Murtha and Stenny Hoyer was depicted by the press as "Dems in Disarray" or "A Party in Crisis Mode" or "Coming Apart At the Seams"...

Meanwhile, the day before, Trent Lott had been elected minority whip by one vote. But the press angle on that story was "The Comeback Kid."

You would think that, once Keith asked that question, it would be a good question for CNN's Reliable Sources to address. Instead, the tease on Reliable Sources was "Too little too late? How did Jack Murtha become a symbol of Capitol Hill corruption, and why didn't journalists cover that story until after the election?"

This headline was accompanied by the 26-year-old ABSCAM clip of Murtha. Not once in the show was it mentioned that he refused the bribe. Why bother, when you have grainy surveillance footage that makes someone look corrupt? (I'm not saying Murtha is snow-pure, but this was a cheap shot by any definition.)

All this came a week after Reliable Sources' lead story was how "journalists are rejoicing" over the Democratic wins, and whether the media will bend over backwards to favor Pelosi and Reid.

Increasingly-bizarre host Howard Kurtz actually asked, "Did the media make Rummy a scapegoat for an unpopular war?"

Ah, the liberal media...

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