Monday, November 20, 2006

Never Ever Believe What You See On the News

Every news outlet covered the "stampede" or "riot" in Fresno among PS3 hopefuls. They showed some later part of the footage below, or another angle thereof.

None that I saw told the whole story:

After waiting on line for 3 or 4 days, the crowd was suddenly informed that there weren't enough units to go around... so forget the line you've been camping out in. Now we'll have a new line. First 34 people to get over there. GO!

So the store makes an idiotic decision to throw panic juice on a cranky mob at their emotional peak... and then start a footrace??

That's what I call a recipe for disaster.

Sure, these people could have behaved better. But news operations covered it as though the crowd spontaneously decided to surge. They are after all, gamers. Thugs. Lowlife. Should've expected it, America seemed to cluck.

Believe me, if a new BMW came out with only six cars at each dealer, there'd be lines aplenty.

And while I myself would never, ever camp out for a console, I was still dismayed by the lack of respect shown these folks by media types. I heard a lot of anchors say things like "Get a life, people." I have never once heard any anchors say that after the annual Filene's wedding dress stampedes... which are, by contrast, completely self-generated.

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