Thursday, November 16, 2006

Random TV Notes... all IMHO

Last night at the end of Jericho, we were warned that there were only two episodes left... and I realized that I had no unanswered questions whatsoever. I watch the show every week, and I enjoy it... and I am absolutely certain it makes no difference to me if the show ends tonight or next week or whenever. Everyone who complains that Lost is too frustrating should be forced to watch Jericho.

The Amazing Race, the loathsome hags from Alabama claim to be very devout, but have you ever noticed they never ever do what Jesus would have done? Meanwhile, for the first time in the show's history, the Barbie team is genuinely sweet and adorable! Their relentless optimism and good cheer is infectious. For me, it's them or the Cho Brothers.

Speaking of
The Amazing Race, I have developed a new improv game based on the skin-crawling Rob and Kimberly. The audience suggests a random line of dialogue, and you have to find a way to turn it into an argument. Extra points if you can work the word "dude" into every sentence at least twice.

If you didn't find
CSI:NY heartbreaking this week you are made of stone.

Bravo to
CSI: Miami. It's long been a tradition on the show that every murder must occur at, near, or after a rave or pool party full of beautiful women. It's why I watch. You would think this week's episode, about someone murdering models, would have a high enough babe quotient... but you misunderestimate them. The show opened with three insanely hot women in Hooters-esque outfits... working in toll booths! I have got to move to Florida!

Best argument against racial quotas: the dullest
Survivor cast ever.

Criminal Minds keeps getting better.

House is an incredible show, and I am completely addicted... but the enormity of Cuddy's head scares me.

I am so glad that
Prison Break might run non-stop this season. It's gone from good show to great show.

Lost hiatus has already affected my quality of life.


howard said...

I agree for the most part about Jericho. (Another peeve: the morse coded episode title is sent so badly-- the letter spacing is confusing.) It is, for me, this season's "Surface," which ended in perhaps the bleakest TV finale ever.

Yet Jericho keeps me coming back for more, hoping for the giant cosmic rug to be pulled.

David Morse's gum chewing cop on House is a reprise of the role he played in "16 Blocks." Gum-chewing is apparently the affectation of choice to represent a calm, predatory nature. Like a hitman leaving little origami swans at the crime scene. Someone's always out to get our little Greggy.

To my taste, Greg House, the man, has lately crossed from OMG-did-he-just-say-that curmudgeon to a quite nearly unbearable-to-watch a-hole.

I am a latecomer to CSI:Miami and have been catching up with reruns. The lighting is simply magnificent! Gels everwhere! When I was a kid, we couldn't afford a color TV, so my father came home with a color gel that he taped over the screen; blue on top, flesh-orange in middle, and green at the bottom. For ten seconds an hour, it was almost as though we had a real color TV that was hopelessly out of alignment.

It's the same psychedelic rush I get when I watch CSI:Miami.

Michael Markowitz said...

Howard, my feelings about Surface are well-known to readers of this blog. For one brief shining moment in time, American television had a weekly head trip into the bizarre. And the finale was not just horribly depressing... it was presented as a symbol of hope and rebirth!!

I could feel the spirit of Hugh Betcha exclaiming at the oddness of that ending.

And I love everything about House, and I love everything about David Morse. Even the gum chewing. It's so creepy. (Britney, are you listening?)

But I do think they're going too far this time. I don't like watching House being persecuted, whether it's by Chi McBride or David Morse. I want them to leave him alone so we can get back to the show!

As for CSI:M, yeah it's glisteningly gel-tastic. And in HD it's explosively gorgeous. (Compare it to the 7-11 security camera look of Jericho.)

And for the record, I saw a rerun last week where David Caruso put on his sunglasses to walk from one lab across the hall to another!