Friday, December 22, 2006

Bill O'Reilly's Favorite Moments He Was Made to Look Like an Asshole of 2006

By the way, seeing Oprah in this montage reminds me of how gracious and respectful she was to O'Reilly when he was on her show, even though he told lie after lie.

This was also the year that Oprah defended Bush's phony reassurances during Katrina by saying "But I didn't think that was lying. I thought he just had not been informed. There's a difference."

This was also yet another year where Oprah didn't use her forum to call out the Administration, in no uncertain terms, for lying us into the war.

But when it came to James Frey? Oprah mercilessly flayed him this year. For lying. (In a book which, to be honest, I'd never heard of.) She even assembled a distinguished panel of journalists and literary figures to help her rake him over the coals.

In that broadcast, she switched into "sanctimony mode" (as opposed to her other, equally-phony "girlfriend-under-the-hairdryer-next to yours" mode), and intoned the following:

I read this quote in The New York Times from Michiko Kakutani, who said it best, I think. She says, "This is not about truth in labeling or the misrepresentation of one author. … It is a case about how much value contemporary culture places on the very idea of truth."

And I believe that the truth matters.

If only Oprah thought the truth mattered when it's about stuff that matters.

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