Friday, December 01, 2006

James Kim and His Family Missing

After years of his TV appearances, podcasts, reviews, and columns, James Kim has become like a friend to me, even though we're complete strangers. Like all his fans, I'm stunned to learn that he, his wife and their daughters have disappeared while driving through the Pacific Northwest, from San Francisco to Gold Beach.

The San Francisco Police are asking for the public's help, and at this time are focusing their search on Highway 38. More information is available at Crave:

"They were driving a 2005 silver Saab station wagon with the personalized California license plate 'DOESF.'

"Those with information about the Kim family's whereabouts are asked to contact San Francisco police immediately at 415-558-5508 during normal business hours and at 415-553-1071 after-hours. The Portland Police Bureau's Missing Persons Unit can be reached at 503-823-0446."

: As of Friday, the focus of the search had moved north to Douglas County. Go to for details.

12/4 UPDATE: James' wife and daughters found alive. The search continues for James, who left on foot two days ago to find help.


norm said...

That's a little north of me.
But I'll keep my eyes open.
It couldn't hurt.

Michael Markowitz said...

The search has now moved a little more North, but every pair of eyes helps. Thanks, Norm

gina said...

Sheesh, that is so bizarre. And scary. I hope that in the end everyone turns up, safe and sound, and that there's a perfectly logical explanation for their disappearance, but I have a bad feeling.

gina said...

Mike, have you seen this?

Wife, daughters of missing CNET editor found alive

I'm so glad that my bad feeling was wrong, at least in regard to the wife and kids. I hope they're able to find him alive, too.

Michael Markowitz said...

I had NOT seen it! Thanks, Gina. I had feared the worst as well after all this time. All prayers and hopes are with James and those searching for him.