Friday, December 01, 2006

Let's Hear It For Cats, Who Never Run Out of Ways to Push the Delightfulness Envelope


norm said...

The other night, at two thirty in the morning, one of my cats started playing the piano.
That may not be so unusual, but the impressive thing is, he managed to take the cover off the metronome and get it going to keep time as he played.
-No lie.

Michael Markowitz said...

That is hilarious... because it's not happening to me, of course.

One of my cats had previously taught herself:

- to open doors
- to open childproof pill bottles
- to open the refrigerator and hop in for a snack (I swear)

Well, she has a bit of a back problem that keeps her out of the fridge (thank goodness), but as of this week she's learned to open the breadbox. In the past three days I have awakened to find the remnants of a loaf of bread, a box of crackers and a bobka. I just bought a new breadbox at Amazon (official Xmas destination of Should've Asked Me)

That should slow her down for a couple of weeks, while she continues to evolve.

Boski93 said...

That is for damn sure.

norm said...

I told my family about your cat.
They were both impressed and terrified.