Thursday, December 07, 2006


As I've discussed here before, I am a big fan of the iTunes capabilities of both the TiVo and the Xbox 360. Both make it easy to integrate your downloaded music into your home theater. But since they're MP3 only (as in they won't play iTunes Music Store purchases), sometimes an iPod dock is the way to go.

There are a lot of docks out there, but each has its own flaws. Some don't do video. Some have remotes that control audio, but not video; you have to physically use the iPod itself to select video content (more of a pain than you might think). Some put menus on your TV, but are useless if you're not in the room. The same is true for those with IR remotes.

The new TuneView from Keyspan seems to have solved many of those problems, and in an elegant and seamless way. You place your iPod in the A/V dock, and the remote itself displays iPod menus. Plus it's RF, so it works from anywhere in the house, even through walls.

At $179, it looks like a great way to make your iPod play nice with your house. And if, like me, you're addicted to the wonders of the Airport Express, you'll be pleased to know there's a USB version of the TuneView coming soon.

UPDATE: iLounge has posted a review. It gets a B+, despite a few quirks.

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