Saturday, February 25, 2006

Charles and Odeo [Mambo] Whatever...

TV Squad has a shout out to Charles and Mambo, two of Duckman's sons... and they even mention Duckman's first name (Eric). Now that's a fan.

Human Remote Control

Or rather, remote control of humans.

NTT, the ginormous Japanese phone company, has developed a headset which, when worn, makes the wearer the helpless pawn of whoever is working the joysticks. Not as in, "I must kill the Queen"... but as in, "I must walk left, even though I don't want to." Still scary stuff.

They plan to use it in theme park rides and video games. The "killing the Queen" type stuff is way down the line.

Watch a video demonstration here. You'll notice this young lady seems to be having a great time, and is not screaming and wetting herself the way I would be.

Get Democracy Now

If you're looking for a way to track down and collect all the cool video online, there's a tool that just might grow into the iTunes-ish weapon of choice... right down to the familiar interface.

It's called Democracy, and it's available free at It's an attempt to bring order to the joyful anarchy of youtube, and so far it's been a great way to subscribe to vintage commercials, strange animations, fascinating feeds from Media Matters, as well as old favorites like Rocketboom and TWIT. And I've discovered lots of great clips from Videobomb and It's an awesome open source tool, and it will only get better as it grows.

As MTV used to say "Turn it on, leave it on" and when you come back to your computer you'll find a lot of really fun video (and a lot of weird video) you NEVER would have found on your own.

The PC That Looks Like an iPod

Friday, February 24, 2006

The 21st Century Lookie-Loo lets you type in any address and instantly get a satellite photo, a map, or both of the neighborhood. Click on any house and get home value, square footage, sale history, etc. And all without any salesmen calling you. Take the information with at least several grains of salt... Still, it's a snooper's paradise.

HomeDock Deluxe: Sweet or Frickin' Sweet?

DLO's HomeDock Deluxe is the first iPod dock with onscreen navigation. Browse your artists, playlists and songs on your TV, all while charging your iPod. It displays song and title info, slideshows, videos, and has a built-in screensaver to prevent burn-in. And it comes with an 18-button IR remote.

The HomeDock Deluxe will be available in March for all dockable iPods for $149.99.

HomeDock Deluxe offers TV screen iPod navigation

American Idol (Spoilers)

The mean old hag Kinnik should have gone, and taken that annoying insect Brenna with her. Becky was not one of the two worst. America hates her because she's semi-beautiful.

Bobby looked like a hospital orderly decided to put on a patient's clothes and sneak out to a karaoke night. Patrick was, I thought, better than Bucky Covington, who IMHO is "all hat." Plus that name is more Kennebunkport than cowboy. He's got to go.

And it's not just his smile, it's everything about Gedeon that annoys me. He needs to be exorcised out of that studio pronto.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

From Wednesday's American Idol

(click the picture for a closer look... if you dare)

If You've Been Enjoying American Idol's O'Donohue Twins

For more pictures go to Now, we just need Heather Cox, Ayla Brown and Katharine McPhee...

From the Village Voice: Cheney's Official Timeline

(click picture to go to original, larger version)

A Fun Game You Can Play At Home

Russell Arch, who's always on the alert for such things, sent me this clip, because he knows I'm a fan of fans.

I pass it on to you, not for its prurient value -- nor for the Hitchcockian suspense created by the girl edging closer and closer to the fan in question. No, I think we have a new party game here.

Since there's no sound, I started to wonder what song she's dancing to. Then I started to wonder what would be the funniest, most inappropriate song it could possibly be.

So far I can make myself laugh imagining it's Wayne Newton's "Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast."

Now, it's your turn. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lego Dick Cheney

Minifig Famous People # 17: Dick Cheney

In Case You Haven't Been Following This Terrifying Story...

First some background:

Our ports in Baltimore, Newark, Miami, New Orleans, New York and Philadelphia used to be managed by a British company, which was sold to the government of the United Arab Emirates. This is the same government which funded at least one of the 9/11 hijackers. This is the same United Arab Emirates that recognized the Taliban as Afghanistan's legitimate government. The same UAE whose banking system is a known Al Qaeda front.

And they're in charge of operations at six of our most important ports.

You'll recall that during the Presidential campaign, John Kerry said over and over that the Bush administration was doing nothing to secure our ports. That they were completely vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Well, the good news is now an Arab government is in charge of security.

Okay, so... Now you're caught up.

A lot of Congressmen and Senators on both sides of the aisle were, how you say, royally pissed off. They mobilized over the weekend to come up with some kind of legislation to head this off.

Our Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, felt everyone was making a big deal over nothing. And I think we all remember what a heck of a job he did during Katrina, so his credibility is aces with all of us.

Anyhoo, I'm of the opinion that this isn't about Arabs at all. I don't care if it's Canadians. I don't want ANY foreign government running our ports. Seems obvious, no?

Anyway, this just in:

WASHINGTON - After mounting opposition by politicians, President Bush said Tuesday that the deal allowing an Arab company to take over six major U.S. seaports should go forward and that he would veto any congressional effort to stop it.

The good news is, it makes you forget all about Dick Cheney getting drunk and shooting a guy.


There is nothing more frustrating than buying airline tickets. Except dating. Flyspy aims to change the former.

Techcrunch has had a look at a revolutionary new service which, if it's more than vaporware, will be the answer to a lot of travelers' prayers: Please, I beg you, just tell me what day and what airport are least expensive for my trip. Don't make me guess. I know you know. Just tell me.

That's what Flyspy is all about.

In the screenshot above, for example, price is on the left and calendar is along the bottom. The two lines represent landing in San Francisco or San Jose. Just click at the desired date and price and you're booked. Perfect!

Go to to register to be notified when they go live.

Too Long a Prison Break?

I keep seeing the promos for Prison Break coming back to Fox. I gotta say, I was way into this show... but now...

I mean it was good when it was summer and nothing else was on, but there is too much TV goodness right now, I think. I believe this long break might have been a mistake.

Also, I don't know about you, but once you see 24, doesn't Prison Break seem kinda lame?

Of course, that's my opinion. YMMV.

You've Got a Resume, We've Got Questions

A few years ago, I was in the car listening to Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? on NPR, and the caller he was talking to was barely audible through all the crackling and interference. Michael said something like, "Gee, we can barely hear you, what kind of awful phone is that?" The caller said, "It's a RadioShack phone."

And the audience laughed knowingly.

I was struck by that, and I came into work the next day and remarked to everyone that something was terribly wrong with a company when it's such a joke that a Wisconsin audience full of average Americans will laugh at the mere mention of its name.

RadioShack has not fixed its problems in the years since. And yesterday came news that the CEO, David Edmonson, was forced to resign.

Good, right?


He was forced to resign because he said on his resume that he received degrees in theology and psychology from Pacific Coast Baptist College in California, and he actually completed only two semesters and the school never offered degrees in psychology.

In a statement Edmonson said, "For the last 11 years, it has been my privilege to be associated with RadioShack."

Well, right there they should have known he was a liar.

Look, I'm fortunate enough to work in a field where I don't have to pad my resume. Still, I have very little tolerance for people who lie, whether it be in their personal life, their dating life or in job applications. Or on resumes.

Having said all that, if this guy was going to get the boot, it shouldn't be because of inconsistencies on his resume.

It should be because his stores are the most frustrating places on Earth.

He should be shitcanned because he doesn't know how to run a retail business with a decent inventory system, seasoned employees, canny marketing, quality merchandise, and prices that aren't jacked-up beyond reason.

I don't go to RadioShack for spiritual guidance... though I'm more likely to find that in one of their stores than anyone who knows what a Firewire cable is. So what difference does it make if their CEO got a degree in Theology?

I say hire the guy back... then fire him for the right reason.

THIS is Must-See TV... Now on DVD

Buy it at Amazon

Ricky Gervais Podcast Moving to Audible

"The Ricky Gervais Show, one of the most popular podcasts on Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store, is moving to a paid-only format to be sold by audio book specialist Audible.

"Audible plans to announce on Tuesday that it will start selling episodes of Gervais' show beginning with a new 'season two' collection of episodes, which will begin next week. Audible will charge $1.95 per episode or $6.95 for the season, which will include at least four episodes by the creator and star of television's The Office. Audible's exclusive deal also runs for a 'season three,' which will start in the fall."

Audible nabs popular podcast | CNET

Monday, February 20, 2006

"Roger Moore's Fantabulous Eyebrows"

Courtesy of, here is the greatest NSFW time-waster of all. Click on Mr. Moore's magical face and enjoy.


Let's say you were at a party, and the conversation turned to the $365 million jackpot in Nebraska. And people started talking about what they would do if they won that kind of money. Essentially daydreaming out loud.

Then let's say one man at the party, apparently a commercial trucker, chuckled and said the first thing he'd do is buy a brand new Ford F-350. Then let's say your teenage daughter snottily said, "I don't think I'd want a Ford, what's it-called, F-350? What-ever!"

I guarantee the very next thing that would happen is you'd insist your daughter apologize to everyone present, especially the gentleman she insulted, for her horribly discourteous behavior. And I hope she'd get a talking-to on the way home about how she should speak to people when they're sharing their daydreams, even when they may not be the same as hers.

Okay, now imagine the person who said that is not a teenager, but Katie Couric.

Because that exact thing happened on The Today Show this morning.

There was a taped piece from the convenience store that sold the winning ticket. It included an interview with a nice fella who did nothing wrong in this world except share with an NBC camera that he dreams of buying a new truck.

After the piece, Katie said exactly what our imaginary rude teen said.

Let's put aside for the moment that there ought to be a Post-It on Katie's desk telling her that her "what-ever" days should have ended thirty years ago.

The F-350 is not a dune buggy. This guy probably would like to buy this truck so he can earn a better living for his family. And a woman who makes millions of dollars a year -- and spends more on shoes than he does on food -- rolled her eyes at how silly he is.

Dictators, liars, and Republican operatives come on the show every day, and Katie is unfailingly polite with them. She practically kissed Mary Matalin's ass the other day, even though every word Matalin said was demonstrably untrue.

But Katie feels completely comfortable these days making ordinary people feel foolish. She frequently interrupts teasers to tell us how much she hates the food being cooked with, the product being demonstrated, the subject being discussed. She has become Debbie Downer, and it's out of control.

And this morning she took it out on some poor guy in Nebraska. She owes him an apology.

Sally Struthers Says: Please Feed These Children

Why It's Been So Hard to Get Anything Done, and Why It Will Soon Get Harder

If you've never seen any of the highly addictive Burnout games, here is a player's highlight reel from last year's Burnout 3: Takedown, and below that is a trailer for the upcoming HD Burnout Revenge for the XBox 360. I couldn't find any good video for the current Burnout Revenge... I'm too busy playing.

Six New Sony Cybershot Cameras On the Way

LetsGoDigital (via Gizmodo) has a preview of the new Sony Cybershot cameras.

Six Sony Cybershots to Launch at PMA - Gizmodo

Sunday, February 19, 2006

It Would Have Been a Better Story if the Arm Had Gone on a Killing Spree

A Lexington, Kentucky woman and her daughter flipped over in their SUV, and when when passers-by stopped to help they found the woman trapped in the car... but minus one arm.

They later found the arm nearby. It was...

[Cue Psycho shrieking violins]

... still clutching her cell phone.

Car Crash Victim's Arm Found, Cellphone Intact - Gizmodo