Saturday, March 04, 2006

They Report, You Decide: Civil War Good or Imaginary?

1956 Disneyland Footage

From the Disney Blog (via Boing Boing) comes this beautiful documentary footage from 1956.

Brokeback Hatch

Live Action Simpsons

Maybe Bill O'Reilly Should Stay Away From Telephones Entirely

This is mind-boggling.

If you didn't see it on Countdown, Crooks and Liars has the you-gotta-hear-it-to-believe-it clip. (It says it's slow to load, but mine loaded right away.)

A caller to Bill O'Reilly's radio show asked why he's always picking on Keith Olbermann, and such is Bill's hatred for Keith that Bill hung up. Nothing special there.

But then...

Bill went off on a rant about how callers need to remember that he has their phone numbers and now they'll turned over to "Fox Security" (!) and "this guy's going to be getting a little visit" (!!) and that "Fox Security" will turn listener's numbers over to the "local authorities and they'll be held accountable." (!!!)


As a former prosecutor Keith interviewed pointed out, by saying these things, in fact, Bill broke the law.

The tape of this exchange, which was on O'Reilly's website, was yanked. No surprise.

But wait, there's more. Some Olbermann-friendly callers to O'Reilly's show have reported receiving threatening calls from a man identifying himself as a former cop and now head of Fox Security!

This is illegal, right?

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Sony BMG Rootkit Class Action Settlement

If you purchased any of the CD's below, you may be eligible for a settlement. Details are at:

40 Below Summer The Mourning After
A Static Lullaby Faso Latido
Acceptance Phantoms
Alicia Keys Unplugged
Amerie Touch
Amici Forever Defined
Angie Stone Stone Love
Anthoney Hamilton Coming From Where I'm From
Art Blakey Drum Suit
Babyface Grown & Sexy
Backstreet Boys Never Gone
The Bad Plus Suspicious Activity?
Bette Midler Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Howl
Bob Brookmeyer Bob Brookmeyer & Friends
Britney Spears Hitme - Remix
Buddy Jewell Times Like These
Burt Bacharach At This Time
Cassidy I'm A Hustla
Celine Dion On Ne Change Pas
Charlie Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlotte Martin On Your Shore
Chayanne Cautivo
The Chieftains Live From Dublin
Chris Botti To Love Again
Chris Brown Chris Brown
Citizen Cope Clarance Greenwood Recordings
Clay Aiken Merry Christmas
Cook, Dixon & Young Volume One
The Coral The Invisible Invasion
Cyndi Lauper The Body Acoustic
Dave Matthews Band Stand Up
David Gray Life In Slow Motion
The Dead 60's The Dead 60's
Deniece Williams This Is Niecy
Dextor Gordon Manhattan Symphonie
Dido Dido Live
Dido "White Flag" W/Enhanced Features (Maxi Single)
Dion The Essential Dion
Earl Scruggs I Saw The Light With Some Help From My Friends
Elkland Golden
Emma Roberts Unfabulous And More: Emma Roberts
Faithless Forever Faithless/ENH
Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Jamboree
Foo Fighters In Your Honor
G3 Live In Tokyo
George Jones My Very Special Guests
Gerry Mulligan Jeru
Horace Silver Silver's Blue
Imogen Heap Speak For Yourself
Jane Monheit The Season
Jim Brickman Grace
J-Kwon Hood Hop
Jon Randall Walking Among The Living
Judd & Maggie Subjects
Kasabian Kasabian
Keith Anderson Three Chord Country
Kings Of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak
Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon Sixty Six Steps
Life Of Agony Broken Valley
Maroon 5 Live
Mary Mary Mary Mary
Montgomery Gentry Something To Be Proud Of: The Best of 1999-2005
My Morning Jacket Z
Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten
Neil Diamond 12 Songs
Nivea Complicated
Nodesha Get It While It's Hot (Maxi Single)
Our Lady Peace Healthy In Paranoid Times
Patty Loveless Dreamin' My Dreams
Pete Seeger The Essential Pete Seeger
Raheem Devaughn The Love Experience
Ray Charles Friendship
Rosanne Cash Interiors
Rosanne Cash King's Record Shop
Rosanne Cash Seven Year Ache
Sahara Hotnights Kiss & Tell
Santana All That I Am
Sarah McLachlan "Fallen" W/Enhanced Features (Maxi Single)
Sarah McLachlan Afterglow Live
Sarah McLachlan Bloom (Remix Album)
Shel Silverstein The Best Of Shel Silverstein
Shelly Fairchild Ride
Silvertide Show & Tell
Soundtrack Xxx: State Of The Union
Stellastarr Harmonies for the Haunted
Susie Suh Susie Suh
Switchfoot Nothing Is Sound
Syleena Johnson Chapter 3: The Flesh
Teena Marie Robbery
Tha' Rayne Didn't You Know (Maxi Single)
T-Pain Rappa Ternt Sanga
Trey Anastasio Shine
Van Zant Get Right With The Man
Various So Amazing: An All Star Tribute To Luther Vandross
Various Songs Brown Hotel
Various Relaxation: A Windham Hill Collection
Velvet Revolver Contraband
Vivian Green Vivian
Wakefield Which Side Are You On?
YoungBloodZ Everybody Know Me
Yung Wun The Dirtest Thirstiest

Triumph's Chinese New Year

If you missed it, here it is. See it before NBC makes them take it down. Hilarious...

"Boys Will Be... Oafs"

Adrants points to a great column by Dick Meyer on a subject I've written about before: the negative portrayal of boys and men in ads.

Last Comic Standing

Okay, so first NBC cancels Last Comic Standing with just one episode left -- the one naming the winner. Genius, right?

Now, presumably because he publicly (and rightfully) griped about that, Jay Mohr is out as host of the next edition. Anthony Clark will host instead.

I feel bad for NBC. Because of Nikki Cox, I don't feel so bad for Jay Mohr.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

How Lost Rewards the Obsessive Viewer

Fresh Triumph Tonight

It's been eight months since Triumph last filed a report on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, but he returns tonight. And G4TV, in a rare burst of cool, is running The Best of Triumph starting March 5th.

Idol Men

As usual, gina nailed it, so there's not much for me to add except:

I think Chris ran away with it, with Ace in second and no one else in third.

Gina's right. No more Stevie Wonder. Ever. No one but Stevie Wonder ever sounds good singing it.

Why would someone choose to sing a Kenny Rogers song? Kenny Rogers writes songs for himself to accomodate the fact that he can't sing.

You can't tell half the contestants to "do what they do best" and tell the other half they "need to break out of their comfort zones." Their heads will explode. (I'm still trying to figure out what poor Ayla is doing with the advice she was given that she try less hard and work less to excel.)

Kevin doesn't belong there, but he sure does make me smile.

If only the Seahawks played as hard as Brenna did for that beanie. She is built Ford tough. I look forward to her cleaning many a hotel room in the future.

And I still maintain Bucky's full of shit. Last night, for instance: he maintains that he can't understand the chicken on menus, all he understands is the vegetables and the rice. Anyone who lives in L.A. knows that the impenetrable part of the menus is the vegetables. Fried chicken is fried chicken, but "bedded on a compote tapinade salsa of olive, okra, endive and assorted summer sprigs" makes no sense to anyone.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Random Thoughts While Watching American Idol

Katharine may not have been at her best, but I didn't care. She manages to be super-talented, super-sweet, and super-smoking all at once. Besides, I could have watched that footage of her and Kellie playing in their bedroom all night long.

That Netflix commercial has a guy doing the least convincing harpsichord miming I've ever seen. And trust me, I've seen a lot of harpischord miming.

Kinnik being forced to sit next to Ryan and Katharine is just cruel. She looks like if
Cocoon were a western.

Lisa was good, but completely soulless. She used about one-twentieth of her energy. You get the sense she could have easily decorated a cake and built a house of cards while she sang.

Melissa was sensational, but her outfit was so awful it was distracting. And this after her interview was about her clothes. Also, whoever talked her into those highlights is not her friend.

Heather's eye makeup was supposed to say, "I'm sexy and sultry." Instead it said, "I need to get to a shelter, but he swears he'll change." Fortunately I looked nowhere near her eyes.

I would have given anything for Dick Cheney to have been hunting nearby while Brenna was singing. Failing that, just give me five minutes alone with her and a baseball bat. I won't waste a second.

Besides, her song was really like random bits and pieces of the song glued together, then sung flat. She sucks. Sucks hard.

Also, I blame Whitney Houston for making every bad girl singer feel like she should tap her fingers on the mike in time to the music. Except Brenna was tapping her fingers
out of time to the music. Because she sucks. Hard.

Paris is loathsome. I know I'm supposed to find her adorable, but I despise her.

Ayla is
muy fantastico.

Kellie is sweet as heck but a little dull. Girl sure can sing, though. What was weird was she kept hiding her hand behind her back, like someone had warned her not to gesture.

Whoever the actor is in the "This is life" Ford Fusion commercial in the shoe store is awesome. But not as awesome as Gisele in the Victoria's Secret commercial.

The War At Home is still on, but Arrested Development isn't? Are you kidding me?

Mandisa kicks ass. Brenna sucks hard.

Most Fun on Earth

If you haven't tried Google Earth and Windows Live Local Virtual Earth, please go and do so now. It's really fun to soar from space down to your house then zip to your friend's houses, then back up to space again in Google Earth.

When the Windows one -- still in preview -- grows to be as all-inclusive as the Google one, I'll never get anything done.


When a text message gets sent without an address, it goes to "null." In other words, zero or nothing. Nowhere.

Tell that to Stan Bubrouski, a student at Northeastern University.

As reports, Stan picked the clever email address for his Verizon cell phone. Clever, but unfortunate.

He soon found himself receiving every stray text message on the network... thousands of them, eventually including messages from On-Star vehicles, medical data, SAT data, ESPN sports scores, automated prescription reminders, and so on.

Getting rid of his vText account would solve the problem, but:

"Bubrouski said he enjoys reading the messages he receives, and blocks companies and individuals when the volume of SMS they're sending him gets too high. 'I've kind of gotten used to it.'"

I Bring T-Shirt Folding Dishonor To My Family

Everyone I know, including my mother, can do this T-shirt folding trick after seeing this video. Except me.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Origami Project

Amid all the speculation on what products Apple will announce tomorrow (new MacBooks? iBooks? an iPod Boombox? a touchscreen tablet?), Microsoft has quietly weighed in. reports that tomorrow Microsoft might be introducing a wireless touchscreen tablet of its own, and points to a mysterious Microsoft website. Whatever the truth is, it's a very relaxing website.

Mac Rumors: Microsoft's Origami Project, Also Feb 28th?

UPDATE 1:16pm

OK, so according to Todd Bishop's Microsoft Blog, turns out this is a bit of a hype. There won't be an actual product introduced on March 2nd and announced tomorrow. Rather, they'll be showing a year-old video (which is linked at the blog) of a concept of a future product in the works at a stage to be developed... eh, I stopped caring.

Remember this next time someone asks why Apple gets so much ink.


Good thing I'm going to the eye doctor today.

I just played teeny-tiny Pacman on Guimp, billed as the world's smallest website. You can play Asteroids, Pong, Breakout, Pinball, or other games, all in amazing Squint-o-Vision.

It's surprisingly addictive. Well, a little.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

How the Hoax Video iPod Photo Was Made

Two Commercials That Drive Me Crazy

First, the one for Degree, where the woman jumps out of the window to avoid getting antiperspirant on her dress. She dives, landing -- on her head -- on the sidewalk below. With a sickening thud. She should be crippled for life.

Wouldn't the commercial have been just as effective if she had jumped feet first? Or landed on an awning and rolled off? Did she HAVE to land on her friggin' head, like a spinal injury victim? It's so tasteless!


The commercial for Verizon, wherein a woman goes into a changing room with an armload of outfits. She plugs her headset into her phone to listen to the Black Eyed Peas while she tries them on.

Let's put aside for the moment that she starts with "My Humps" and very few women I know would want to hear "What you gon' do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?" while they're trying on clothes.

And lets also put aside that it hardly seems necessary to pay to download and hear the Peas when it is not possible to go three minutes in these United States without hearing them for free.

What irritates me is that this woman, with the snottiest attitude imaginable, proceeds to dance away for what seems like a half hour, trying on outfits. She flings them on the floor in crumpled up little balls. She throws them everywhere. What does she care? She's the Queen of the World!

Then she walks out of the room (empty-handed, the mess still behind her) and says to her poor schmuck of a man that she wants to keep looking.

So his day is blown, and whoever was waiting for that changing room was screwed, and the poor employee who now has to clean up after her is screwed, and whoever has to clean up after her next dance party is screwed. And she still may not buy anything.

Can Dove's next campaign be to lower some women's self esteem?

Brain Trust

There's an incomprehensible article in today's Los Angeles Times about Jon Stewart, wherein the writer tries to be funnier than Jon and his writers, with predictable results. It's pretty much a mess.

But the really irksome thing is the reference to the "brain trust" of the Daily Show. I've read that kind of sneering rhetoric before about TV comedy. You never read a sarcastic reference to the "brain trust of the Wall Street Journal" or the "brain trust of CNN."