Friday, June 23, 2006

Allow Pop-Ups For Jessica Simpson?

Who Couldn't Use Some "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"?

While I'm Fixing the Internet...

Okay, this will help get rid of about fifty percent of the meaningless Internet bulk:

Apple, PC, Playstation, and Xbox fans. I'm talking to you.

There is nothing you can write in a blog comment that is going to be so persuasive, so pithy, so cogent, that it will make your opposition toss aside his deeply held beliefs and come over to your side. (And certainly calling him a Fanboy asshole won't do it.)

So can we please just stop it? There is no reason why every iPod case announcement has to spark 90 posts arguing about whether iPods suck compared to Creative or Archos. No reason why every Dell launch has to also launch 150 "MacBooks do this better/No they don't" arguments. And don't even get me started about the fights over which is better, the Xbox 360 or the PS3, which no one has seen yet.

It's so tiresome. What's happening to, for example, Digg is like what happened to newsgroups back in the day. It's becoming a chore to slog through the meaningless bickering.

We get it. You're loyal. Move on.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Before Anyone Posts Another Comment Anywhere on the Internet, Please Read This

LOSE = to misplace, or the opposite of "win"

LOOSE = the opposite of "tight"

Thank you for your cooperation.

TiVo's Secret Dongle

If you have a Series 2 TiVo and the latest software (both of which you probably do), and your TiVo is hooked up to your home network with a wireless adapter, you should think about heading over to the TiVo store and picking up one of these unassuming Linksys adapters.

It lets you plug an ethernet cable into your TiVo via USB. This gives you improved reliability... and I definitely noticed a speed bump on those big file transfers. I don't know why they're not making a bigger deal out of this.

TiVo sells them for $29.95. You'll definitely find them for less elsewhere, but this is one of those deals where it only works with certain manufacturing lots with a particular firmware and a specific model number and the box has to have a copy of the Declaration of Indepence with a treasure map on the back...

You get the idea. Better to be safe than sorry.

Why Oh Why Must iPod Cases Come With Mandatory Clips?

It happened yet again. I saw an iPod case -- in this case, Speck's sneaker-inspired line -- and thought, "That'd be great." But when I went to buy it, I found it comes with a non-removable clip. Some even come with a removable clip that connects to a non-removable post. Like the post isn't worse than the clip.

I'm just not a "clip guy." It's not who I am. iPod case makers can try, but they'll never change me. They'll only keep me from buying their product.

If you, however, do like clips, I think these are some cool-looking cases.

(And by the way, just as all clock ads show the time as 10:10, is it a law that all iPods must show Gorillaz?)

This is Horrifying, Hilarious, and All-Too-Familiar