Friday, September 15, 2006

The New iTunes

I love it. Love the movies, love the games, love the cover search. As a long time Cover Flow user, I love that it's now integrated. The interface is better, the iPod screen is better. All in all a vast improvement.

Now, if I could ask for one more thing for the next go-round: I subscribe to a lot of podcasts, and its really irritating to keep getting that nagging window that says "You haven't listened to this podcast for a while, so I've stopped updating it, because you clearly don't appreciate all I do for you."

Can we please have the option of living our lives without having to justify our behavior to our computers? Next thing you know they'll get pouty if we don't log in every day.

Here's How Little I Know About Fashion

While watching this week's Project Runway, all I could think was how I couldn't imagine any sane person wanting to wear Jeffrey's outfit, whereas I thought Kayne's outfit (except for the ribbon) was very sexy. Michael's, of course, was the best of all, IMHO.

Meanwhile, I must not know anything about fashion, because when I think "youthful" the very last thing I think of is fashioning a doily into a baby doll nightie. That seems like something someone's great grandmother would do to be "naughty." (Here's a clue: if Laura had to evoke the name "Josephine Baker" to describe the look, it may not be very "young.")

Where is the Heroes Pilot?

All I kept hearing about was how NBC was going to offer the Heroes pilot as a free download on iTunes on September 1st. I've been searching and searching since then and can't find it. Are they trying to vex me? Is finding the Heroes pilot a superpower I have not developed?

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Moving Tribute

The following quote is from Tom Shales' column in the 9/11/06 edition of Television Week:

"'Ground Zero' is ground sacred. Hundreds of utterly innocent people died there..."

Apparently, so, too, did thousands of people who, according to Shales, had it coming.