Monday, September 18, 2006

I Love The Amazing Race

When it starts, it's always the same. I think, "These all seem like such nice people. I have no idea who to root for, much less who to root against."

In short order, the second problem always gets solved. I am so rooting against those pain-in-the-ass women from Alabama who are pissing and moaning their way from place to place. These are invariably the women I end up sitting next to on a plane, where I have to listen to them complain about how unfair this or that is for hours.

It also doesn't help that they're peppering everything with "Praise the Lords." ("Praise the Lord" because you finally noticed how the other teams were laying their bricks and that you were doing it wrong? Really?)

And, of course, you have to root against this year's obligatory brown-haired bitch, Kimberly, as well as the passive-aggressive man who has given her his balls to crush.

The elminations last night were, I thought, particularly heartbreaking. But that's all part of why I love this show. The other part is the inspiration you can draw from segments like the Great Wall challenge.

Just please don't let those Alabama women win.