Saturday, October 21, 2006

In Honor of This Blog's One Year Anniversary, a Classic Post Revisited

Seal, You Magnificent Bastard!

I'm running these pictures of the miraculous Heidi Klum, from the May '05 Arena magazine, because... er... Project Runway 2 is coming back in December. Yes, that's why. Project Runway 2.

Read more about Project Runway 2 at Reality TV World. Or just enjoy another dose of Vitamin K...

"We're Fighting Them Over There So We Don't Fight Them Over Here"

I've just heard another Republican talking head echo the administration's claim that the war in Iraq is making us safer because it's keeping the terrorists busy. That we're safer over here as a result. I have heard this repeated roughly a million times.

Pop quiz: On October 11th, when you heard that a plane had crashed into a building in New York City, was your first thought, "Oh my God, was it terrorists?"

Or was your first thought, "It can't be terrorists, because they're all busy over in Iraq."?

Tell me how much safer we feel over here the next time you're at an airport throwing away your tube of toothpaste. Should thousands of our troops die so we can feel this "safe"?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

David Letterman & Martha Stewart

Seriously, What Do You See In Her??

You know when a friend of yours -- someone you really like -- is starting to get serious about a significant other... and it's someone you can't stand? And you don't know if you should say something or not?

Because after all, if your friend loves this person, he or she must have qualities you don't see, right? But try though you might, it just kills you to be around that person, and you're dying to say something. Did you ever have that feeling?

Well, I've been going through that for the last month. I love Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but I loathe Sarah Paulson.

Just like a friend would, the show keeps telling me how smart and funny and beautiful and wonderful she is... but dude, I'm not feeling it.

First of all, she looks like someone tried to build a Molly Sims without a blueprint. More important, every minute she's on screen I feel my soul dying a little. Of the 206 bones in the human body, not one of hers is funny.

But most important, every minute she's on screen is a minute I'm not seeing Bradley Whitford, Matthew Perry, or Amanda Peet, just to name three insanely talented examples. And this past week she had a scene (with the insanely talented Christine Lahti) that -- even though it was beautifully written -- seemed like it went on forever. It felt like Christine was the casting director and Paulson was doing audition sides... and I kept screaming at my TV, "NEXT!"

It's impossible for me to believe, IMHO, that Matthew Perry's character is dating sparkling, beautiful, sexy, funny Jeannie, yet he's pining away for this dishrag. And wouldn't it have been more interesting if the devout Christian character were not the pious, pie-eyed blonde dishrag, but was instead the sexy, funny brunette? (Ned Flanders remains the most lovable Christian in prime time.)

Still, I'm a big fan of Aaron Sorkin's and of Studio 60, so I want to believe she has hidden virtues I'm not seeing. But if she does, she'd better reveal them soon. Because, along with scheduling, NBC promoting the "will they won't they" with her is, I think, one of the things killing this show.

Olbermann: "We Have Been Afraid of the Wrong Thing"

Project Runway

Project Robbery.