Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Olbermann: Republican Politics Are the Dictionary Definition of Terrorism: "To Coerce By Intimidation or Fear"

Notes on Right and Wrong

Watching Bush's press conference this morning, the thing that struck me -- apart from his increasingly sweaty desperation -- is how much he uses the word "understand." The American people need to understand, the Democrats need to understand, the UN needs to understand, why can't people understand, he tries to make people understand, and on and on and on.

Mr. Bush, if no one ever understands you, maybe it's not their problem.

Also, why doesn't anyone ever ask him the "name one" question?

When he says, "They don't want the CIA to be able to interrogate terrorists" why doesn't a reporter rise and ask him, "Mr. President, can you name one person who has said he doesn't want the CIA to be able to interrogate terrorists?" When he says, "They don't want us to have the capability to listen in on terrorists' phone calls" let's challenge him to name just one person who's said that.

And most bizarre, "some people" don't think we're in a war? WHO???

And don't let him off the hook, either. Stand there and don't sit down until he produces one name. Because he can't.

Also, I am growing increasingly weary of this mantra the Republicans have of "You can't vote for the Democrats unless they come up with a solution to the Iraq problem."

Let's say you screwed up at work and cost your company millions. And you refused to change the policy or solve the problem. When your boss calls you in to fire you, let's say you tell him, "You can't fire me until someone else comes up with a solution to the problem I created."

Not only would you be fired, but security would "escort" you out.

Firefighters who repeatedly strand their men in the middle of a fire and refuse to pull them out get pulled off the street. Policemen who repeatedly place the public in jeopardy and cost innocent lives don't get a "pass" on discipline unless someone else can get creative with a solution.

Sometimes, incompetence is enough to get you fired. Sometimes, "anyone else" is a better choice.

And one more thing: What, for the love of God, does Rush Limbaugh have to do to get yanked off the air? Jesus! Making fun of Michael J. Fox??? Can there be any station that would still want to carry this show? Can there be anyone who would actually want to sponsor such an asshole? Can there be anyone who would want to buy a product that would advertise on that show?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Believe Chucky Has a New Bride

Thanks to tipster Sydelle Pearl for this one: the Carol Channing doll. Because one thing about kids... they love Carol Channing.

It comes with a "certificate of authenticity." The scary-but-real possibility is that this is actually, authentically Carol Channing herself, shrunken and calcified by time.

Anyway, cuddle up with this one, kiddies, and let the night terrors begin. (Fabulous night terrors, but night terrors just the same.)

Costumes From the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Collection

A Costume That Says, "My Parents Are Focused On Their Careers"

Costumes For the Evil Child

Costumes to Please the Pedophile on Your Block

Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

Our Second Annual Halloween Costume Round-Up Begins

Hear ye! Hear ye! Let the word go forth! Come All Hallows' Eve this child will be given Ye Olde Swirlie!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

He Must Really Think We're Idiots

"Well, listen, we've never been 'stay the course', George."

-- George W. Bush, to George Stephanopoulos, on This Week.

As Crooks & Liars points out, as usual there was no follow-up question. Such as, "Are you fucking kidding me?"