Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Be Yourself... As Long As You Can Remove It At The End Of The Day

"ABC has launched a massive Ugly Betty promotional campaign dubbed 'Be Ugly ’07,' which it is selling as a pro-social campaign that asks people 'to be real, be smart, be passionate, be true to yourself and be ugly, just like Ugly Betty,' this year."

-- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/2/07

"America Ferrera endures almost an hour's worth of makeup to transform herself into the dowdy (though not quite ugly) Betty. Yet, 'surprisingly, I do get recognized,' says the 22-year-old Golden Globe nominee, who notes half-seriously, 'It is a little upsetting.'"

-- Entertainment Weekly, 12/22/06

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Ellen said...

I can't believe it!
Just before I checked your blog I saw a commercial for a Lifetime movie where someone dons a fat suit to see what it's like.

Nice experiment, but then they go back to their size zero jeans. When did zero become a size, anyway?

A few days of that, doesn't compare to a lifetime (no pun intended) of being called "Ellen Watermelon".