Friday, January 12, 2007

Hacking Flock to Use Google on Right Click

love Flock; I've posted about it before, and since then it's become my default browser. It has none of the perils of Internet Explorer and all of the safety of Firefox, along with some added features I never would have thought of, but now can't live without.

But Flock has one annoying habit: No matter what search engine you specify as the default, it will use Yahoo as your right click engine. Personally, I prefer Google, but no matter what search engine you like, Flock doesn't make it easy to change. It's Yahoo or nada.

No more. A brand new blog,, is off to a great start: it has the simple steps to a hack to make Flock do your bidding. And if the word "hack" has you thinking, "Oh, that's for people a lot more advanced than I am," relax. This hack, like many, is so simple it will take away your fear of getting "under the hood" of some of your favorite programs.

Check around (sites like are great for this) and soon your computer will be doing things your way, instead of the other way around.

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