Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh Well, One Out of Two Ain't Bad

"Ashley and Wy have always heard me say to be defined from within, and not by the silly, popular, ever-changing, superficial culture out there."

--Naomi Judd, The Today Show, 1/8/07

"Life's too short to work with ugly men!"

--Wynonna Judd, TV Guide, 9/25/93


peeky said...

Don't forget to purchase Naomi Judd's latest skin care line, cookbook, novel, autobiography, and/or self-help blah blah book. She'll be appearing on larry king or oprah and other places soon to reveal more dysfunctional family dynamics, why her hair is bozo-colored, and advertise things.

Michael Markowitz said...

Also... and how can I put this without seeming cold?... If a performer goes on a see-me-now-because-I'm-dying tour, and then (thank goodness) does not die...

I mean...

If you don't refund the money, isn't that fraud? If I underpay my taxes or overclaim insurance damage -- even innocently -- I can't just shrug and say, "Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways." I have to pony up.

I mean, wasn't that Naomi Judd farewell tour kinda like those electronics stores in New York that have been "going out of business" for 20 years?

Again, I know it may seem unfeeling to ask, and we're all glad she's okay. And her fans are most likely to decline a refund. But aren't they entitled to at least the offer of a partial refund?

Sydelle Pearl said...

I'm not entirely glad she's okay.