Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Is The Magic Number?

Unless you've been on Mars for the last decade, in a cave, with your fingers in your ears (to quote Sideshow Cecil), you know that somewhere between 65% and 75% of Americans think the war was a mistake and/or that we need to get out. And at the bottom of this post are some other interesting results from polling over the past year.

Yet Bush and his minions repeatedly say that calling for the redeployment of our troops, or even criticizing the President, "gives aid and comfort to our enemies" or some similar phrase.

Putting aside the unbearable imperiousness, there lingers another question: If 70% of Americans and 82% of Iraqis want America out of Iraq, isn't Bush technically the "enemy"?

And why is there even a question of whether Congress will exercise its Constitutional right to end this war? And is Bush refuses to obey, why shouldn't he be arrested for treason?

If the President decided one day to invade, say, Canada, I'll wager at least 90% of Americans would disapprove, to put it mildly. If, on some whim, he decided to invade Guam or West Virginia or Rhode Island, that number easily goes to 95%. Wouldn't we be calling for his impeachment?

And what if Connecticut, seeing how crazy we went in Rhode Island, decided to stockpile weapons? What if Bush then decided to attack the State House in Hartford, in order to provoke Connecticut into a war -- as he did with the Iranian Consulate last week -- wouldn't we be calling for his arrest?

What if he authorized the murder of anyone from Connecticut who's in Rhode Island without a satisfactory explanation?

(Farfetched? Last week Bush authorized American troops to "kill or capture" any Iranian intelligence agents they find in Iraq... because as all know, we're the only ones allowed to have intelligence agents in Iraq. This on the eve of the holy day of Ashura, when thousands of Iranians make pilgrimages to Iraq. Let's hope our troops include genetic mutants from Heroes who have the psychic ability to tell "good Iranians" from "bad Iranians.")

But back to Operation Nutmeg Storm.

I'll bet if he did all that 100% of Americans would disapprove. No one would support him except for Laura and Barney, and we know for a fact that if that were so he would still fight on.

Would we put up with that? There would be rioting in the streets until his head was popped onto a pike.


At 70% is "Hey, nothing we can do, he's the Decider."

And at 100% is "Jesus, this psycho has to be stopped!"

So somewhere between 70 and 100 is the magic number, the tipping point. Somewhere in there is the line between irked and outrage.

To my mind, that seems like an awfully small span in which to make such a huge emotional transition. But if that's the way it is, can someone please tell us exactly what the magic number is? How unpopular does this man and his war have to be before we stop him?

There's a word for a leader who "stays the course" even if no one in the country agrees. That word is "dictator." Read the post below this one and you'll see: Bush thinks he's our king.

Why are we acting as if we think so too?

67% said Bush's decisions about Iraq are "influenced more by his personal beliefs, regardless of the facts."

58% said they "personally wish that George W. Bush's presidency was over."


53% said they don't think Bush is "honest and trustworthy."

61% don't think he "inspires confidence."

60%, when asked how they feel about the Bush Administration, chose "dissatisfied" or "angry."
(Associated Press-Ipsos)

61% said that, under Bush, "the country is not better off and needs to move in a new direction
(Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg)

58% said he "does not share [their] values."

61% said he "does not care about the needs of people like [them]."

62% don't think he "can manage the government effectively."
(USA Today/Gallup)

73% feel big business has "too much influence over the decisions made by the Bush Administration."
(CNN/USA Today/Gallup)

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