Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cheating in the Blame Game

The Boston Police overreact spectacularly to a Cartoon Network ad... and the Cartoon Network guy loses his job.

Students use cell phone cameras to catch verbally and physically abusive teachers in the act... and Bill O'Reilly does a segment on how this is proof we should ban cell phones in schools.

Hobbyists discover a fundamental flaw in lock security, and news of the flaw is spread virally through web videos. Many of us wait for the lock industry and/or media to take notice. Finally, The Today Show does a segment... on how irresponsible and dangerous web videos are.

Sean Hannity is known to be very particular about the private jets provided to him for speaking engagements. The House Sergeant at Arms, on his own initiative, requests a plane capable of nonstop travel for Nancy Pelosi... and Nancy Pelosi endures 48 hours of nonstop mockery and criticism, especially from Sean Hannity.

George W. Bush fails to fulfill his military service requirements, and CBS news personnel are punished.

Douglas Feith and Dick Cheney manipulate and manufacture pre-war (and during-war) intelligence, and 3100 Americans die.

Sensing a pattern here?


Russell Arch said...


Can you please replace Andy Rooney? Soon? You're amazing at saying the things everyone is thinking somewhere in their subconscious. However, we're too stupid to either A.) focus, or B.) put them into such eloquent words.

Michael Markowitz said...

Thank you kindly... I'm most proud of having unearthed the Redenbacher/Johnnycab link.

However my replacing Andy Rooney would not be a good idea. Me + Katie Couric = hostile work environment.

Also, it's useless to try to get rid of Rooney... He'll only keep lurching back, refusing to die. He's like Yul Brynner in Westworld... except with ear hair and a full-colostomy-bag smell.