Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Clearly Antonella Barba Must Be Punished

A woman who would pose for her boyfriend for private pictures like the one above? Obviously she's not fit to join the ranks of the artists pictured below.


gina said...

Now if she could just sing as good as she looks... ;)

norm said...

Doing the research for this blog entry must have been grueling.

Michael Markowitz said...

Norm, for some parts of me.

gina, yes, it's sad but true. I want her to be good, but so far...

Still she was not NEARLY as awful as the judges made her out to be last week. Tonight will tell the tale.

norm said...

This is just like Camus' "The Stranger"
But instead of a guilty guy being found guilty for all the wrong reasons, a singer's slammed for sexy photos.
I can't help but score this:

Michael Markowitz said...

Apart from the hypocrisy I've so brilliantly pointed out in the post, there is another: None of the pictures contains anything that would not be telecast on the Fox network. They are referred to in the media as "topless" pictures, and they "mosaic" her breast area, even though her nipples are covered (in apparent tribute to Jimmy Kimmel's weekly unnecessary censorship feature)

We have to come to terms with a new generation and a new paradigm. In this age of cell phone cameras and camcorders and webcams and Spring Break and YouTube and Google and Facebook and MySpace, it's going to get harder and harder to find people who have never ever been photographed when shitfaced, never partied at night on a beach with friends, never ever rented porn, never ever surfed adult sites, never ever experimented with anything when out dancing, never ever made a tape with a boyfriend or girlfriend, never ever been caught saying or doing something they wish they hadn't, etc, etc.

Even if you never videotape or photograph yourself, you are ALWAYS in the background of someone else's shot... or in surveillance footage...

Do you think anyone in public life today would still be in public life if their every move had been recorded all their lives? And if every misstep were instantly and permanently available to everyone in the world?

norm said...

This sets a scary precedent...imagine you're watching Wheel of Fortune one night and Sally Homemaker's doing fine until Pat slams some polaroids down on the wheel.
"Jezebel!" he cries.
The audience then strips her naked and tattoos a vowel or two on her ass.

All this because the Idol people found out about some hot photos and wanted to use them to hype the show.
Since they couldn't say, "Look! sexy photos of one of our contestants!! How cool is this? You can kind of see her nipples and a bit of camel toe!"
They had to put it out there as a "scandal"

Michael Markowitz said...

I'm not convinced that this was a p.r. stunt by the Idol folks. The way she was eviscerated (I think, unfairly) by the judges this past week isn't the way you'd treat someone you were promoting. It's the way you'd treat someone you wish would go away.

norm said...

What if they thought it was a crap shoot for her to go all the way, but a sure thing to get publicity from the photos?
I am surprised that they'd be so harsh though.
They'd get just as much out of "tsk tsk-ing" her.

Maybe you're right...but...it just sounds screwy to me.

Michael Markowitz said...

Actually, Norm, to be completely accurate, the research for this post was fun... except whenever Xtina would pop up, like the Cryptkeeper, and kill my buzz.