Thursday, February 15, 2007

Creepiest, Freakiest, Skeeviest Character in the Whole Sordid Anna Nicole Story? We May Have a New Frontrunner!


gina said...

Oh, GROSS. Is that guy even for real?

Michael Markowitz said...

Sadly, this clip is just a fraction of the offensive and downright crazy remarks he made yesterday, including repeating that "we're gonna be together a looooong time!" over and over... oh, and talking at length about the tuna fish he ate earlier. Yipes!

I had no interest in this story at all, until this hearing... it's a fascinating example of litigation gone haywire. First there is the issue of keeping the body so they can have access to her DNA. As you and I both know from watching H and Delko and the gang, there is testable DNA even in the epithelials you leave behind on rough surfaces you touch... so certainly they can grab some hair or skin or something and let the rest of the body go. Even the M.E. has said he has plenty of her DNA in the samples he's preserved.

Then there's the other battle, over where Anna Nicole would have wanted to be buried. Is it in the plot she just bought, right next to where she buried her beloved son? Or is it in Texas, where the mother who had not seen her in 12 years says she would have wanted to be buried?

I believe it was Warren Burger who said, "WTF???!!!"

(Mmmmmmmmmm... Warren Burger.....)