Thursday, February 08, 2007

Double-Take Hypocrisy of the Week: When the High Horse Meets the Low Road

Does American Idol cross the line by exploiting contestants' personal tragedies for ratings gain? See why the hit show's under fire again. And later, more of NBC's hidden camera predator sting. Dateline's Chris Hanson shows us the latest group of suspects... It's ugly, you gotta see it, coming up next.

-- Joe Scarborough, Scarborough Country, 2/5/07

After the break, Joe ripped into American Idol. Some highlights:

Are they exploiting these poor people, using their stories now to get big ratings?

...pure exploitation...

It‘s just pure exploitation, and it‘s so ham-fisted, I can‘t believe the producers think they can get away with that, and we can‘t really call them on it, that they‘re really exploiting people‘s tragedies to get a few rating points...

I mean it‘s just all a big, fat reality show, where they‘re preying on people‘s problems, isn‘t it?

This season‘s producers had no problem at all making contestants look as pathetic as possible.

What does it say about Americans that they love watching these people beg and shame themselves and that they like having these hosts, these judges, insult them so much?

No doubt about it. It is so sad.

Stick around... Straight ahead, we‘re going to have Dateline‘s Chris Hansen encountering some of the most aggressive predators he‘s met so far, including a man who works in children‘s television. He joins us with more shocking information from NBC‘s hidden news investigation.

Next came a segment showing unbalanced pervs lured by NBC into a house for sex with an imaginary child, and Chris Hansen interrogating them under hot lights until they cry. When they can take no more, Chris tells them they can go. Outside they are tackled by cops and arrested. Then the camera follows the weeping men to booking.

After this non-exploitation, Joe wasn't done, though:

And later, did Lindsay Lohan leave rehab to party with Paris? The mean girl‘s rocky road to recovery, coming up in “Hollyweird.”...

What‘s going on with this girl? Girl, lady, whatever you want to call her. In rehab, out of rehab to shop, in rehab, out of rehab to go out partying with Paris Hilton. What‘s going on?

Before he signed off, Joe struck one more blow for entertainment that doesn't exploit people's personal problems:

And, finally, Britney Spears tagged at New York‘s fashion week. Photographers snapped photos of the pop tart in a dress that still had a tag on it! Jill Dobson, a latter-day Minnie Pearl? What‘s going on here?

What, indeed?

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