Thursday, February 08, 2007

Imus's News Quote of the Day is Also Mine

A mind-boggling exchange regarding the Irving Libby trial happened on Imus this morning. I will place a masculine ordinal sign (º) after every statement that is ironic in light of the masculine ordeal Bill Clinton was put through.

I will place a pound sign (£) after every demonstrably false statement. (I'm using the pound sign because "pound" is what I'd like to do to Mary Matalin's head. With a socket wrench.)

And I'll place a Spanish exclamation (¡) after sentences which are so jumbled they may not be English at all.

This transcript has been edited due to length. And though there are no [sic]s, there are a number of spelling errors, but those are direct from the rush transcript.

Mary Matalin: "Yea, ya know how much this is costing?"

Imus: "No."

Mary Matalin: "Millions! Millions of dollars, millions of dollars, and can I just set the table for you? ...When the CIA...referred this to the justice department, they knew that there was no crime because she wasn't covert, okay? £ So there shouldn't have been an investigation. Secondly, the prosecutor knew months before he talked to Scooter or Rove or me or anybody else who the leaker of the non-crime was, it was Richard Armitage. £ So here we find ourselves, everybody being tortured and paying all this money out to lawyers and disrupting their work days on - in an investigation for which there was no crime, and there - it is outrageous. º I can't believe we are in the United States of America." £ º

Imus: "I feel horrible."

Mary Matalin: "For everybody, you should! Millions of tax-payer dollars wasted, all these lives disrupted for no crime that was committed º £ when we knew
" (Note: technically true, if "we" means Cheney's staff. They knew, but we didn't) who the leaker of a non-classified £ information was in the first place. You have to think about that, everyday and think about those kids of his going to school, º everyday he's on the front page of the Washington Post. º It's a travesty... º"

Imus: "Do you have a phone number that I could give to help raise money for the Scooter Libby defense fund?"

Mary Matalin: "You know, I don't watch you and I'm talking to you, so are you making a sarcastic face?"

Imus: "Yes. Did you tell Scooter Libby to call Tim Russert because he hates Chris Matthews?"

Mary Matalin: "I think I said Tim hates me--or Tim hates--I hate Matthews. Here's--can--let me take you inside the room, when I was at the White House..."

Imus: "Well that doesn't--do you know what you said?"

Mary Matalin: "I know exactly what I'm saying..."

Imus: "Well what did you say?"

Mary Matalin: "I don't--I don't know why I would have said that, but I would have said this, okay, I can't--All I know is this, the note that the prosecutor put up of a characterization of a conversation the prosecutor in that instance of the rest of it, mischaracterized what was in my mind. ¡
¡ So, here's what I know was in my mind and here's how it works, and here's how I did my job, and how all these jobs have to be done. ¡ Other than you, okay, and maybe this happens to you, when anybody else who purports to be an objective analyst goes on the air and bashes your principals as they're called, and in this case it was the Vice President, then you call the Bureau Chief and you complain. In the case of Chris who purported to be on a nightly basis, an objective analyst would get on there and say things that we knew not to be true £ as in Cheney saw this report £...Cheney didn't know Wilson, Cheney never sent Wilson £, Cheney never saw the report £, and the report that did exist corroborated the agencies belief or that there was some effort by Saddam to secure yellow cake. £ ¡

"So everything he was saying was wrong £, when that is the case then it's our job, or whose ever the press guys job, to call up and complain first to the producers of the show,
¡ secondly when no response is forth-coming to the Bureau Chief (Note: Libby says he called Russert first.) and finally in the case of Chris unfortunately who used to be a friend of mine, to the New York bosses. So, I wasn't working there at the time, I said, you should call, I don't remember saying, and I don't know why I would ever say that, because I don't know that Tim hates Chris, I think he likes Chris very much, he likes everybody over there. But, I don't think he likes and nor does any Bureau Chief ever like, when they have to take these complaint calls about their people who are on the air saying fallacious £ things."

Imus: "Well, why do you think he wrote down that you said that?"

Mary Matalin: "Well maybe it was shorthand--I don't know, I mean I don't think Chris does--they do--I think they have a fine relationship."

Imus: "Now have you guys--none of you can tell the truth can you, can you?."

Mary Matalin: "I'm not--I'm telling you..."

Imus: "It's insane."

Mary Matalin: "I'm telling you that..."

Imus: "It's like a disease you guys have."

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