Friday, February 02, 2007

They Could Easily Be Related

Remember when I seethed about the woman in that that tax preparation commercial? The one who taunts her husband for using "a box" to do their taxes?

Well she has company. Loathsome, passive-aggressive company.

There's a department store appliance ad that shows a woman slamming her mug into a refrigerator door where the ice maker would be. She does it over and over again until the poor schmo she's married to promises to buy a new refrigerator. (Apparently her legs and fingers are broken, so she can't do it.)

But the most obnoxious woman on TV might be the one in the commercials below. And for anyone who denies that pop culture is slanted against men, take a look at these ads. With the pretty homemaker, Fitness Bitch is encouraging and paints a positive portrait of her results. The man, on the other hand, is literally passed out on the floor in a pile of party trash, and she berates him and humiliates him. Nice.

We all know the proper response would have been to draw a penis on his cheek and then take a picture. Actually, that would have worked with the housewife too, but that's me.


norm said...

I noticed the fitness devil's bias too.
I always try to imagine these commercials with the genders switched.
Imagine a man sneering at his idiot wife and making her talk to a box.
Or, a male fitness nazi slamming some poor woman for being fat and lazy.

Michael Markowitz said...

It gets worse: In light of the "astronaut love triangle" the Today Show had Matt interview Dr. Keith Ablow on "what makes a successful person, a very smart person, do something like this?... Clearly there's a level of emotional distress here that's hard for a lot of people to understand."

They talked about how "when affairs of the heart are involved people sometimes tap primal, unresolved issues." She was clearly "out of balance emotionally." "Everyone watching today" has has these sort of feelings... "It just didn't get to that degree."

I don't recall any such explorations being lavished on, say, O.J. Simpson or Scott Peterson.

Jean Harris? A woman scorned. The woman who deliberately drove her car over her "cheating husband" had her hour on Oprah's couch. Even the fact that he became known as the "cheating husband" seemed to imply he "had it coming."

Imagine if a man ran his unfaithful wife over. Would he receive the head-nodding understanding of Oprah's audience?

And Joy Behar still makes Lorena Bobbitt jokes. Imagine if a man mutilated his wife's vagina with a knife while she slept. Funny?