Monday, March 12, 2007

The Army Has Found a Solution to Hospital Overcrowding: Send the Injured Back to Iraq!

And no, I swear, I'm not kidding. I wish I were. Read the details of how this administration continues to abuse our heroes at

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Boski93 said...

Come on Michael, you see if we let the wounded soldiers come home to recover, or tell us how things are screwed up in Iraq, or that they can't get proper care here in-country, then we have let the terrorist win. You see these wounded or injured soldiers need to be in Iran, oh I am getting ahead of myself, but this is all Iran's fault since they supplied Iraq with WMD's and are attacking out troops and not the Sunni's backed by Saudi extremist. And for all those so-called Sunni attacks on US troops those are all accidents like our wonderful Overload, er I mean the bestest ever Vice President. Look haven't you accidently shot someone in the face. But back to Iran, they along with Sadam Baraca Hussein, Al Gore and those other lefties bombed us on 9/11. I didn't leave anyone out did I? So if we allow these wounded/injured soliders come home they will just cause problems at our fine military hospitals. So see Michael we have to also win at the bottom line and treating wounded solider properly would be Socialism. Would want that Michael or is it Mikhail? Also I heard from the Views Mrs. Hassleback, who is so smart, say that it is there fault anyway, so why should they get that "cushy" first aid. And we all know that TV never has dumb people on it, so she has to be right.

In closing you have to remember Michael is not about being right, it is about being Right. So go take your slow bleed tactics, trying to bring peace the Middle East loving, getting people decent jobs wanting with better health care for more Americans other than the rich, enviromental wackos to Canada, America's hat.

Now I have to go I need Roger Ailes network to tell me what to do. Because Fox News is about free press, but all you Liberal-Quiada's out there are too jelious to see it. Fox News tells me what I need to think and say to be free. So there.