Thursday, March 08, 2007


Flip4Mac, the folks who picked up Windows Media support for the Mac and ran with it -- beautifully -- have a clever new program in beta. It's called Drive-in, and it's the perfect way to copy your DVD's onto your hard drive and still feel virtuous, since it rips the DVD with the content protection intact.

Drive-in creates an exact image of your DVD, as well as downloading all the details of the film from Amazon to create a virtual "DVD case." When you're on the road, just select one of your DVD cases, and you can use Mac's DVD Player or Front Row to watch the movie, complete with menus and special features.

The beta is free, but when the program is released the DRM will lock down and you'll have to buy the software (for around fifty bucks).

It's your data, you paid for it. Drive-in is a nifty one-step tool that lets you legally exercise your right to use that data.

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