Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Grande Google Mobile No-Google

I love finding ways to use Google and my cell phone as a problem-solving duo. I've written about how great an app Google Mobile is, and how Google Send-to-Phone is a must-have if you are snippet-oriented (as I am). And sending text messages to Google Calendar is a really easy way to schedule appointments. (And don't get me started on Google Notebook)

But as always, Google SMS is the service that most wows people who've never used it. In short, just send a text message to the mobile number 466453 (GOOGLE). Tell it what you want and where you are. That's it.

You can text "Pizza 90038" or "Starbucks 60620"... and you'll get back a text message or two with some suggestions. Text the word "help" and you'll get a list of all the cool things you can do (movie times, prices searches, translation, driving directions, etc.... as well as just plain old Googling).

I confess I've used that Starbucks search many times, in order to find the nearest java fix pronto. Well now Starbucks itself has gotten into the act. Just text your zip code to MYSBUX (697289) and you're golden.

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