Friday, March 09, 2007

I Much Fear Randy is Full of Shit

Okay, so Idol impressed me when the surprise announcement turned out to be not only a surprise, but something really important.

But sadly, there's no chance of an Era of Good Feelings. Last night Randy said something so irritating, so hypocritical, so... GRRR!

He told Jared that his downfall was a lack of originality... that originality is what it's all about. If you Google "randy idol originality" you'll see this is a note he strikes in interviews quite often. It's about originality, uniqueness, individuality, standing out...


Take Lakisha. Whenever she sings, the underside of the judges' table is dripping with Randy's batter spatter. Yet there is not one original thing about Lakisha. She is the seventeenth generation photocopy of the same singer they've had at least two of every season. She does the same bit, has the same moves, sings the same songs, and is exactly as unlikely to ever have a hit single. She may be a great singer, but to quote Dr. Mark Craig, she is about as original as a doughnut.

If the show were truly about the nexus between originality and talent, then Gina and Chris would be the final two. But they won't be. So let's not pretend originality is what it's all about. (Especially not with Diana Ross being exhumed for next week's show.)

But still I watch. Because if I didn't, I would have missed the chance to say hello to Kellie Pickler's little friends.

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