Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Idol Contestant Who Must Be Hit in the Face Immediately With a Cinder Block or a Microwave Oven or Other Large Object

And to think, until last night I actually kinda liked this asshole.

On a larger note, last night's
American Idol sort of crystallized a pattern, and if this is typical of what the show's going to be from now on, I might just deal myself out.

First come a bunch of crappy performances, which the judges call crappy. Then an okay performance (Jared), which the judges call crappy. Then a couple of good performances (Brandon and Chris), which the judges call crappy. Then good night.

I think it's time to airlift in a whole new batch of contestants.


gina said...

I agree. And we may get our wish - some say that the big announcement tomorrow night is that they're getting rid of 4 guys at once and maybe bringing in a wild card or two. Just wishful thinking, I'm sure!

Michael Markowitz said...

I SO wish! I have a feeling this "big announcement" is just going to be the songwriting competition we already know about.